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What printers will work with the VM700A or VM700T?


What printers will work with the VM700A or VM700T?


The original VM700 and early VM700As were equipped with 3 installed drivers for available printers. The driver list includes ASCII text (no graphics capability), Postscript (postscript level 2) and Epson LQ (P2 version). Later versions of the VM700A and all versions of the VM700T also include drivers for HP LaserJet, HP ThinkJet and HP DeskJet printers (HP PCL 4). No other drivers are supported.

The VM700 and the VM700A are limited to two RS-232 25 pin serial connectors for external communication and printing. These instruments required serial I/O versions of the printers and specific serial interconnect cable wiring for each major printer type. With the introduction of the VM700T a parallel (Centronics) printer connector was added. This connector is compatible with Centronics interfaces on the listed printers.


  • If you have an older VM700A, and cannot locate a supported printer type with a serial I/O, several leading interconnect tool vendors offer version of serial-to-parallel converters that will work for this application.
  • If you only need to print infrequently, or if you prefer to capture measurement values and screen copies to a PC file for later Word or Excel reporting, Tektronix has a simple RS-232 communication utility for the VM700A and VM700T. This utility, titled VMTWIN, is available on the Tektronix web site as a free download.

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