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Buffered Passive Probe


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Features & Benefits

  • 300 VRMS CAT II Maximum Input Voltage
  • 8 pF Input Capacitance
  • 10 MΩ Input Resistance
  • Scope Controlled Parameters
  • Connects to TEKPROBE™ III Interface Instruments
  • Compact Probe Tip Compatible with a Wide Range of Tektronix Accessories and Adapters
  • TEKPROBE III Interface Allows Control of Key Probe Parameters
    • Input Gain
    • AC/DC Coupling
    • Bandwidth Limiting
    • DC Offset


  • General Purpose
  • Digital Design
  • Power Device Characterization
  • Mixed Signal
Designed for TEKPROBE III, TDS794D and TDS694C

The P6339A 500 MHz Buffered Passive Probe is a revolutionary leap in probe technology. The P6339A's wide dynamic range makes it ideal for general purpose measurement applications.

To facilitate SMD probing, the P6339A comes standard with a set of SureFoot® adapters. The compact probe head/tip assembly is compatible with the full line of 3.5 mm (compact) accessories. The P6339A probe is designed exclusively for the TDS794D and TDS694C instruments.


Warranted Specifications

Maximum Input Voltage - 300 VRMS  CAT II.

Voltage Sensitivity - 10 mV/div to 100 V/div in a 1, 2, 5 sequence.

DC Attenuation Accuracy - ±4%.

Output Offset - ≤±5 mV.

Typical Specifications

Bandwidth - DC to 500 MHz.

Rise Time - 700 ps.

Input C - 8 pF.

Input R - 10 MΩ.

Bandwidth Limit - Selectable 20 MHz and 150 MHz.

Coupling - AC/DC, <10 Hz Cutoff.

Output Termination - TEKPROBE™ III interface/50 Ω termination.

Physical Characteristics

Probe Tip/Head Style - 3.5 mm/Compact.

Output Cable Length - 1.3 m.

Environmental Characteristics

Temperature - Operating: +10 °C to +40 °C (+50 °F to +104 °F).

Safety - UL3111-2-031, CSAS1010.2.031, EN61010-2-031, IEC61010-2-031.

Compatible Instruments

TDS794D, TDS694C.


Figure 1. P6339A input impedance.


Figure 2. P6339A input phase.


Figure 3. SMK4 Micro KlipChip™ adapter.


Figure 4. SF200A Series SureFoot® adapters.

Ordering Information


500 MHz Buffered Passive Probe.

Includes: Adjustment tool (003-1433-02); attenuator tip cover (204-1049-00); retractable hook tip (013-0107-07); 2 ea. 50 mil, 25 mil (0.65 mm), and 0.5 mm SureFoot adapters; 2-in. ground lead (195-4240-00); 6-in. ground lead with 0.025 in. square-pin receptacle (196-3113-02); 6-in. ground lead with alligator clip (196-3305-00); SMT KlipChip adapter (206-0364-01); low inductance lead ground collar (343-1003-01); 2 ea. pairs of colored cable markers (016-0633-00); accessory pouch; instruction sheet (071-0178-01).


Opt. C3 - Calibration Service 3 Years

Opt. C5 - Calibration Service 5 Years

Opt. D1 - Calibration Data Report

Opt. D3 - Calibration Data Report 3 Years (with Option C3)

Opt. D5 - Calibration Data Report 5 Years (with Option C5)

Opt. R3 - Repair Service 3 Years

Opt. R5 - Repair Service 5 Years

Recommended/Replacement Accessories

SureFoot Adapter, Orange, 50 mil (12 ea.) - Order SF201A.

SureFoot Adapter, Blue, 0.65 mm/25 mil (12 ea.) - Order SF202A.

SureFoot Adapter, Red, 0.50 mm/20 mil (12 ea.) - Order SF203A.

KlipChip Adapter (20 ea.) - Order SMG50.

Micro KlipChip Adapter (4 ea.) - Order SMK4.