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Applications for SourceXpress® and AWG70000/5200 series generators

Environment Plug-in Datasheet

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Environment Plug-in Datasheet

The Tektronix Environment signals plug-in is a simple and flexible tool to create real world scenarios for commercial, electronic warfare, and simulations for monitoring and receiver testing. The plug-in integrates into the SourceXpress waveform creation platform, and the AWG70000 series and AWG5200 series arbitrary waveform generators.

Key features
  • Build a variety of scenarios (up to 50 scenarios)
  • Flexible emitter control
    • Large selection of emitters available
    • Add up to 100 emitters to a scenario
    • Control the start time and duration of each emitter
    • Set power, center frequency/baseband offset, and starting phase of each emitter
  • Compile scenario waveforms and scenario sequences
  • Create RF/IF or IQ signal formats
  • Time and frequency domain preview plots
  • Import captured/user defined interference signals
  • Offline mode
    • Capable to run on an external PC via the SourceXpress application, thereby reducing the time taken to synthesize large waveforms and leaving the instruments free for continued testing
  • Seamless transition between design and playback
    • The easy to use graphical user interface integrates seamlessly with the user interfaces of the SourceXpress PC application and the Tektronix AWG70000 series and AWG5200 series generators
  • Designed for integration for automated test or manufacturing
    • Programmatic Interface allows for integration into existing workflows


The Environment Signal Creation plug-in allows users to emulate the interference between signals to test receivers under realistic and worst-case conditions. Users can configure the various standard-specific parameters of these interfering signals, including power levels, start time, and duration.

The standard-specific emitters supported include:

Bluetooth DVB-T P25

In addition to creating standard-specific emitters, users can create many other emitter signals such as:

Radar 1Digital modulation3Tones
OFDM 2Pulses User defined emitters to playback user created/captured waveforms
Analog modulation 3Noise

1Requires a Radar plug-in license.

2Requires an OFDM plug-in license.

3Requires an RF Generic Signals plug-in license.


  • Plug-in installed with SourceXpress on PC:
    • SourceXpress software version 5.3 or greater
    • PC operating systems: Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8 (64 bit), Windows 10 (64 bit)
  • Plug-in installed on compatible instruments:
    • AWG70000 Series, firmware version 5.3 or greater
    • AWG5200 Series, firmware version 6.0 or greater

Ordering information

Environment plug-in with a floating license that can be reassigned to different Tektronix instruments or PCs.
Environment plug-in with a node locked license tied to a single instrument or PC.

The Environment plug-in can be downloaded for free and a trial license is available. Complete functionality and continued use requires the purchase of a license.

Visit theSourceXpress,AWG70000, orAWG5200product pages to obtain the software and license.


Note: Additional licenses is required to enable some waveform capabilities of the Environment plug-in.
How to purchase

To purchase, visit the Tektronix web site to request a quote or contact your nearest sales representative.

Additional information

Additional information

This and other plug-ins are available for SourceXpress and compatible waveform generators.

Use the following website links to view available application plug-ins, downloads, and trial licenses.


Each plug-in (for SourceXpress, the AWG70000 Series generators, and the AWG5200 Series generators) requires the purchase of a license before they are functional. Some plug-ins may require additional licenses to unlock specific plug-in features. Licenses are managed within the Tektronix Asset Management System (Tek AMS). The Tek AMS website address iswww.tektronix.com/products/product-license. Product license management requires a login account.

There are two types of licenses available: node-locked (NL) and floating (FL).

  • Node Locked Licenses provide your own copy of the application on your instrument or personal computer and are permanently assigned to a specific Hosti ID or product model/serial number.

  • Floating licenses can be moved between different Host IDs or product models.

Use the Tektronix Asset Management system to check in and check out floating licenses.