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Why Do I Need an Accredited Calibration and How Can Tektronix Help

In the realm of electronic test and measurement, precision is not just a requirement; it is the foundation upon which reliability and quality are built. Understanding the critical role of accredited calibration is paramount for lab managers, calibration coordinators, and all stakeholders in industries where measurement accuracy is crucial. Tektronix, a leader in the calibration service industry, offers unparalleled expertise and insight into why accredited calibration is essential and how it can elevate your operations to new heights of excellence.

Accredited Calibration: The Gold Standard

The journey into the world of accredited calibration begins with recognizing its status as the gold standard in the calibration of test and measurement equipment. But what sets accredited calibration apart from the rest? It's not merely a procedure but a comprehensive process that guarantees your equipment meets the strictest standards of accuracy and performance.

Sarah, Tektronix's Quality Calibration Manager, and Mike, a seasoned Calibration Service Engineer, shed light on the pivotal benefits of opting for accredited calibration. "Accredited calibration isn't just a choice; it's the gold standard," asserts Mike, emphasizing its significance beyond a mere option to a necessity for ensuring precision.


Transparency and Assurance in Every Measurement

One of the most compelling reasons to choose accredited calibration is the level of transparency it offers. Sarah highlights, "With accredited calibration, you get data for all parameters tested, ensuring complete transparency." This not only provides peace of mind but also furnishes you with a comprehensive understanding of your equipment's performance across all tested parameters.

Moreover, the inclusion of a statement of conformity, as Mike points out, serves as your assurance of accuracy. "It's your assurance of accuracy," he notes, underlining the importance of this statement which aligns with your agreed decision rule, ensuring your equipment's compliance with the highest standards.

The Comprehensive Approach: Calculating and Documenting Uncertainty

Accredited calibration takes a holistic approach by calculating and documenting every parameter's uncertainty. "Every parameter's uncertainty is calculated and documented. You get the full picture,” says Sarah. This meticulous process not only underscores the precision of the calibration but also equips you with detailed insights into the potential variance in measurements, empowering you with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

The Mark of Excellence: Accrediting Body Logo

A distinctive feature of accredited calibration certificates is the accrediting body logo, a symbol of quality and adherence to the highest standards. "Look for that accrediting body logo on your calibration certificate. It's your stamp of quality," advises Mike. This emblem signifies that the calibration has been performed following internationally recognized standards, offering an additional layer of credibility and confidence.

Choosing Tektronix: Your Partner in Precision

Tektronix stands at the forefront of providing accredited calibration services, embodying precision, expertise, and a commitment to excellence. By choosing Tektronix, you're not just selecting a service provider; you're partnering with a leader dedicated to ensuring your equipment operates at its best, enhancing the accuracy of your measurements and the integrity of your projects.


In a world where the accuracy of every measurement counts, the importance of accredited calibration cannot be overstated. Tektronix offers the expertise, precision, and assurance needed to ensure your equipment meets and exceeds the highest standards. Choose precision, choose Tektronix. Let us be your guide on this journey to excellence, ensuring your success through every measurement.

Ready to Elevate Your Calibration Standards?

For more information on how Tektronix can elevate the precision of your measurements, visit Tektronix Calibration Services to learn more about our accredited calibration services and how we can help you achieve unparalleled accuracy and reliability in your measurements.

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