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Maximizing the Efficiency of Your Internal Calibration Lab

In mission-critical industries such as aerospace, healthcare, automotive, and others where human lives are at stake, properly calibrated electronic test and measurement equipment can be the difference between life or death. For many organizations that have in-house calibration labs, stakeholders rely on the calibration lab to be a source of truth when it comes to accurate calibrations and safety measures. However, the steep overhead costs required for running the lab, the long turnaround times for different instruments, and the lack of personnel resources can cause inconsistent calibrations and unnecessary stress around audits and safety.

Tektronix is here to help. Read this new whitepaper to learn:

  • The hidden costs of an internal calibration lab
  • Factors to consider when deciding to between insourcing, outsourcing, or augmenting test and measurement equipment calibrations
  • Optimizing a decision checklist

Tektronix whitepaper aerospace audit certification quote

Labs will need to conduct the analysis and study the models of service to arrive at an optimal solution for their businesses. Whether considering a calibration vendor for either complete outsourcing or internal lab augmentation, companies can rely on experienced calibration service vendors such as Tektronix to act as a single source, strategic calibration services partner, providing program modeling, cost estimates, documentation plans, and toolsets to assist with analyses and determine what works best for the organization’s strategic goals. Download and read the whitepaper now.