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Future proof your software investment

Tektronix software licensing options provide flexibility and support. In a dynamic environment where projects ramp up and down, teams grow and shrink, and projects move locations, having flexible licensing options is crucial. Tektronix's licensing options allow you to balance your project's requirements while giving you budget control.

Choose Your Type


  • Tied to a specific computer based on a unique identifier.
  • Can not be moved to another computer
  • Lower cost alternative to Floating


  • Move the license freely from one computer to another
  • Maximizes investment
  • Move licenses from one computer to another, share between labs or across geography

Choose Your Term

  • Always up to date
  • Lower cost of entry
  • Easily scale up or down each year
  • Renew for 1 or 3 years to continue using
  • Renew to keep updated


The software can be used through the term of the license only. Software updates and support through the term of the license are included. When the subscription license expires, all features will no longer work, but a new subscription license may be purchased.

  • One version for life
  • 12 months of updates included
  • No future updates without Maintenance Subscription (see below)


The software can be used indefinitely, and maintenance is included for the first 12 months. Maintenance can be extended by purchasing a maintenance license. If maintenance expires all features will be frozen to the last released version before expiration. The software will continue to work, but updates will require active maintenance. 

  • Renew so you don’t miss any updates
  • Access to 1 or 3 years of updates
  • Low price for more features


Maintenance Subscriptions provide peace of mind amid evolving technologies. With this subscription, you can ensure that your software is always up to date with the latest enhancements and measurement standards. Tektronix's team of technical experts is readily available to provide additional insight into your measurement problems, helping you overcome any challenges you may face. One of the key benefits of our Maintenance subscriptions ensures that you stay on schedule and minimize any potential disruptions to your projects. With Maintenance, you can focus on your work with confidence, knowing that you have the support you need. 

Start of Subscription/Maintenance Licenses

The start of the subscription license is linked to when the order is complete.  At the time of purchase, an email will be sent to the licensee with the availability of the license. 

Downloading Software

How to Download Software Licenses?

At the time of purchase of a license, the Tektronix AMS system will send an email to the licensee with instructions on how to access Tek.com to create an account and password so you can access TekAMS system. Licenses can be checked out using the TekAMS application at http://www.tek.com/ams or click the button below.

Log In to License Manager