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80SJNB Jitter, Noise, and BER Analysis V2.5.4, including 80SJARB V1.1.4

80SJNB and 80SJARB software is for TDS/CSA/DSA 8000/8000B/8200 series instruments with Windows XP Operating System.

80SJNB enhances the capabilities of the sampling oscilloscopes by providing extensive jitter, noise, and BER analysis of serial data. Option Advanced adds channel emulation, equalization, and support for de-embedding of fixture. The purpose of this new version V2.5.* of 80SJNB, Jitter, Noise, BER and Serial Data Link Analysis software is first to enhance the accuracy of measurements when using Spread Spectrum Clocking (SSC), and second to present, as a new feature, jitter/noise analysis that is crosstalk-aware.
The crosstalk-aware analysis adds these new measurements: analysis of the BUJ/BUN(Bounded Uncorrelated Jitter/Noise) and analysis of bounded uncorrelated NPJ/NPN (Non-Periodic Jitter, Non-Periodic Noise).
This package installs 80SJNB (both Essentials and Advanced) that runs on TDS/CSA/DSA 8000 series instruments with Windows XP Operating System. This version is a free upgrade to previous V2.x releases.

80SJARB is a companion software included in the same installer, and available either with its own license or whenever any 80SJNB license is found. 80SJARB software provides basic jitter measurements (including J2 and J9 as specified by IEEE 802.3ba) for arbitrary data signals acquired by the DSA8200, CSA/TDS8000 series sampling oscilloscopes.
  • Version: V2.5.4
  • Software-Typ: Anwendungsgebiet
    Teilenummer: 066129700

Diese Software bezieht sich auf: CSA8000B, CSA8000, TDS8000, TDS8000B, CSA8200, TDS8200, DSA8200