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Please explain the Iconnect S-parameter Wizard and which steps it performs?


Please explain the Iconnect S-parameter Wizard and which steps it performs?


IConnect S-parameter Wizard makes measuring S-parameters fast, easy, and accurate. Time domain waveforms and S-parameters are saved in IConnect WFM files, and S-parameters are saved to industry standard Touchstone S-parameter files. The Wizard is designed to install and run on Tektronix Sampling Oscilloscopes, with IConnect software, and supports 1 Port, 2 Port, 4 Port, single ended and differential S-parameter measurements. A wide range of calibration options are provided. The user is prompted every step of the way, and measurements can be resumed at a later date using the same settings and calibration waveforms.

  • The Wizard deskews the acquistion and TDR step signal paths before measuring the 1st DUT.
  • Then it acquires the WFM files for the 1st DUT
  • Then it acquires the reference (calibration) WFM files
  • Then it calls IConnect to calculate the S-parameter WFM files and Touchstone file, and optionally, the Z-Line WFM files
  • Then it prompts you to connect the next DUT or cancel.

Later, if you Start the Wizard again, and select the same measurement folder, you have the option to resume testing using the same reference (calibration) WFM files.  In that case, you should be using the same cables and DUT fixture as before.


The first part, deskew, you should connect only the cables, no fixture at all.  For the "optional thru," use an SMA barrel, connected to Port 1 only.  Then connect Port 2 to the SMA barrel.

For the 1st DUT, connect the cables to the DUT test fixture, install the DUT, power it up, switch it on.

For the reference standard(s), use your calibration fixture traces.

For subsequent DUTs, e.g. analog switch, you can measure them in the on or off state.    

You can download the Iconnect wizard here. Compatible only with IConnect  V4.0 or later and TekVISA


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