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My Touch Screen doesn't work on my oscilloscope. How do I enable it?


My Touch Screen doesn't work on my oscilloscope. How do I enable it?


The touchscreen driver is not installed or functioning properly.

For customers this is most often due to the user selecting "stop installation" during the first turn on experience.
The user is prompted to install the driver with a Hardware Installation dialog for the Semtech touch screen, and should select "continue anyway"

The same dialog box will appear during O/S restore.

At first boot-up or after O/S restore the Semtec touch screen device is recognized as a standard mouse driver by the
DPO7254, DPO7104, DPO7054, DPO70804, DSA70804, VM6000 and TLA7012 Windows O/S because it is an unsigned driver.


Accept the driver signing dialog, even though the driver is not signed.

If the touch screen is already in a non-functioning state, do the following:

1. Right click on my computer. If you do not have My Computer on screen, see 1a below.
1a. Select Start, Settings, Control Panel, System, Hardware. Now go to step 3 below.
2. Click manage.
3. Select the device manager node.
4. Expand the Mice and Other pointing device node.
5. If you have a device listed as Semtech touch screen - then you have a proper driver installed, this process won't help you. Stop here and try re-calibrating the touch screen.
6. If you do not see a Semtech touch screen listed, then right click on the unknown device and click on update driver. (If you accidentally delete your USB mouse driver, just reboot and it will re-install automatically.)
7. Click OK to the warning to confirm device removal.
8. Close device manager.
9. Next open control panel -> add/remove programs.
10. Scroll through the list and find: Semtech absolute pointing device. If you cannot find this device, skip to step 12.
11. Click remove and close all open applets.
12. Now go to c:\Tektronix\Semtec Touch Screen Calibrator and run setup.exe.
13. You will see a Hardware Installation dialog containing a yellow exclamation mark, warning of the unsigned driver.
14. Click Continue Anyway.
15. The "Touch screen configurator" shortcut is now on the desktop.
16. Double-click the Touch screen configurator shortcut to calibrate the touchscreen as desired
17. After calibrating the 4 corners and the center, close the touch screen configurator

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