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What optional features are available as upgrades for my 5 Series MSO and how do I get the upgrade?


What optional features are available as upgrades for my 5 Series MSO and how do I get the upgrade?


Most optional, factory-installed features for the 5 Series MSO are also available as field upgrades, and are installed simply by ordering an upgrade product and entering a new, node-locked software license into the instrument.

There are several general-purpose instrument features available for upgrade:

Optional Instrument Feature Order Upgrade
5-AFG Arbitrary/Function Generator SUP5-AFG
5-RL-125M 125 Mpoint Record Length SUP5-RL-125M*
5-WIN SSD with Windows 10 SUP5-WIN*

There are also analysis applications available for upgrade:

Optional Analysis Feature Order Upgrade
5-DJA Advanced Jitter Analysis SUP5-DJA
5-PWR Advanced Power Analysis SUP5-PWR
5-CMAUTOEN Automotive Ethernet Compliance** SUP5-CMAUTOEN*
5-CMUSB2 USB 2.0 Compliance** SUP5-CMUSB2*

There are several serial bus analysis and triggering features available for upgrade:

Optional Serial Bus Support Order Upgrade
5-SRAERO Aerospace buses (MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429) SUP5-SRAERO
5-SRAUTO Automotive buses (CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay) SUP5-SRAUTO
5-SRAUTOSEN Automotive Sensor buses (SENT) SUP5-SRAUTOSEN
5-SRCOMP Computer buses (RS-232/422/485, UART) SUP5-SRCOMP
5-SREMBD Embedded buses (I2C, SPI) SUP5-SREMBD
5-SRENET Ethernet buses (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX) SUP5-SRENET
5-SRPM Power Management buses (SPMI) SUP5-SRPM
5-SRUSB2 USB 2.0 buses (LS, FS, HS) SUP5-SRUSB2

* Available on MSO54, MSO56, and MSO58 only.

** Requires option 5-WIN.

Please refer to FAQ: 5 Series MSO Software License Installation Process for detailed information about the license installation process.

Instrument bandwidth can also be upgraded. See FAQ: 5 Series Bandwidth Upgrades for further information.

If you want to try a new feature before purchasing it, many of the upgrades have one-time, 30-day trial licenses available. See FAQ: 5 Series MSO Free Trials for further information.

Finally, you can get a free Digital Voltmeter and Trigger Frequency Counter upgrade (SUP5-DVM) just for registering your product. Log onto https://www.tek.com/register5mso, click the “REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT” button, log into your MyTek account, enter the oscilloscope’s Model Name and Serial Number and click the “ADD PRODUCT” button. You will receive an email with the SUP5-DVM license file attached.

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