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Lily MedTech Lifesaving Technology

Lily MedTech

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Meet Shiho Azuma, CEO of Lily MedTech:

One month after Shiho Azuma entered high school, her mother was diagnosed with a highly aggressive form of brain cancer. She underwent various treatments which proved ineffective. After a year and a half, she tragically passed away.

“When my mother died, our family fell apart”

Immediately after the death of her mother, the family split into three different locations. Shiho moved to Tokyo to enter university and her younger brother moved to another town shortly after. It felt like the family had totally fallen apart.

Fueled by a passion to prevent other families from going through the same devastating pain, Shiho and Takashi Azuma founded Lily MedTech in 2016. 

In Tokyo, Shiho started her career as a researcher working for a research laboratory. It was there that she met her now husband, Takashi Azuma. Shiho then left the laboratory to continue her studies in America while Takashi (who also left the laboratory) went to the University of Tokyo.  After coming back from the US, Shiho entered a measurement instrument manufacturing company and worked as an engineer. 

It was at that time that Takashi invited Shiho to join his Ultrasound Computer Tomography (USCT) project team and the two of them started working together. Shiho, wrote code and when the project team verified it, she concluded that this technology had considerable potential. 

Shiho Azuma, CEO of Lily MedTech

It was in 2016 that they founded their own startup and named it Lily MedTech.

Lily MedTech new 3D imaging technology is capable of diagnosing breast cancer in a friendly manner – pain-free and radiation free. The technology claims to have a higher level of accuracy in dense breasts (which is often the case in women in their twenties and thirties).
Closeup of Shiho Azuma, CEO of Lily MedTech

“Our mission is to help women and their families through early detection and improvement in screening rates”

“Knowing that we have a solution to prevent other families from going through the same misfortunes gives us lots of motivation to keep going”

Lily MedTech is now designing for mass production.

With three prototypes already working, Lily MedTech is now designing for mass production. With that comes an array of new tests and challenges to meet various regulations. The stakes are high - If you don't pass the test, you can't start selling your product and you need to redevelop it.

“This is especially true when the product is a medical device and you need to evaluate whether we are emitting electromagnetic waves. EMI regulations are very strict, and you must meet their requirements”.

Many companies, especially startups, are worried about how much time and money it will take to measure EMC and the radiation of electromagnetic waves. It is a stressful time as timelines and budget often get tight as you get closer to launch.

In a quest to find hardware and Software to measure noise levels, Lily MedTech’s engineer decided to attend a Tektronix seminar on the topic.  

The engineer knew the prototype had to be measured in an anechoic chamber to pass compliance, but in the Tektronix seminar, he learned that when measuring at a certain distance the result will be proportional to the result measured at the site. With the RSA306B USB Spectrum Analyzer and EMC Test Software, EMI EMC pre-compliance test can be done on site.

Engineer at Lily MedTech using RSA306 USB Spectrum Analyzer and EMC Test Software to perform pre-compliance tests


“With Tektronix solutions, pre-testing can be performed in your own lab during the development, and at an affordable price. This way you know if you will pass the test or not beforehand. This is groundbreaking”


Watch how Lily MedTech uses the RSA306 and EMCVu to perform EMI/EMC pre-compliance test onsite

Video of Lily MedTech engineer performing compliance tests