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Companies count on their instruments to deliver specified performance year after year. It’s what measurement confidence is all about. The best way to ensure that performance is to follow a rigorous calibration schedule, adhering to the recommended calibration interval for each instrument.

Tektronix calibration service is convenient and easy to use. Flexible delivery options include the choice of Factory-Certified or Commercial calibration—available at our service centers or on-site. Whether you choose Factory-Certified or Commercial calibration, you get assured compliance and measurement confidence. The table below offers a comparison of Factory-Certified calibration versus Commercial calibration.

Factory-Certified vs Commercial Factory-Certified Commercial
Request Factory-Certified Quote Request Commercial Quote
For customers who... Use their equipment in environments where traceable calibration to a high level of precision is required. 
Need instruments to deliver with like-new performance.
Need high quality traceable calibration with minimum turnaround times.
Have a wide range of instruments.
Calibration Service Offerings Tektronix, Keithley, Fluke equipment. Multi-Vendor Service across all equipment categories.
Broad and flexible—support for regulated industries.
Procedure Definition Tektronix defined, incorporated into the design of the product Commercially available and/or third party developed based on service manual or customer requirements.
Calibration Procedure Tektronix defined, automated, and resulting in greater accuracy and repeatability Based on manufacturer published and/or commercially defined specifications & procedures. May also be customer defined.
Comprehensiveness of Calibration Tests to published & unpublished specifications across full range of instrument operation. Tests to points required by OEM, commercial, or customer defined procedure.
Calibration Type Cal standard default defined for each product.
Traceable to national labs including Z540.1 OOT, Z540.1 full data
ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 17025 Compliant, ISO/IEC Accredited
Multiple levels of compliant, accred­ited, and traceable to national standards including Z540.1 OOT, Z540.1 full data, ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited and Z540.31
Repair Services Comprehensive, can be completed at same time as calibration. Limited in-house capability, extensive Authorized Service Provider network to provide one stop service.
Other Services Provided
Firmware and software updates standard.
Optimization & adjustments automatically included.
Electronic calibration certificate.
Expedite service available.
Engineering Change Orders (ECOs), safety & reliability updates included.
CalWeb asset & compliance software available.
Firmware and software updates may be available.
Some adjustments available and included.
Electronic calibration certificate with included CalWeb asset & compliance Management Software access.
Custom procedures per customer request, expedite service available.
Authorized Service Provider network for unsupported calibrations and repairs.
Delivery Methods Centralized laboratories with optional onsite capability.  26 nationwide laboratories with temporary and permanent on-site capability, local pick-up & delivery and mobile service options.
Technician Capability Product experts with deep product knowledge. Access to engineers who designed the products. Broad capabilities across multiple disciplines.

1 Z540.3 availability limited



Wir bieten Kalibrierservices für die unterschiedlichsten Geräte und verfügen über Fachkompetenz in zahlreichen Branchen.



Unsere verschiedenen Services für Standardkalibrierungen und zertifizierte Kalibrierungen wurden eigens dafür entwickelt, unterschiedliche Qualitätsanforderungen zu erfüllen.



Unsere Kalibrierservices können mit Abhol- und Lieferservice oder als gelegentlicher oder ständiger Service vor Ort genutzt werden.