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TDS 210 and TDS 220 Recall Return Instructions

This document describes the return instructions to have your TDS210 or TDS220 oscilloscope(s) modified by a Tektronix authorized Service Center. Please select a Tektronix location from the list below and follow these instructions for returning your TDS210 or TDS220 oscilloscope(s) for modification.

Steps for having your product modified:

1. Determine whether your product is affected by the recall.

2. A Return Material Authorization (RMA) is required for services. DO NOT Ship without an RMA.

    Contact us and request an RMA.

3. Packaging and Shipping instructions will be provided with your RMA number by your local Tektronix service center Customer Service Representative.

4. For other countries, contact your local Tektronix service provider.

Please note that the estimated Turn-Around-Time (TAT) to modify and ship your oscilloscope(s) back to your attention is within eight (8) business days of receipt.

For more information contact your selected Tektronix service center.