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AFG3000 Series Safety Notification

August 7, 2006 (updated Sep 16, 2014)

(Note: The newer versions of AFG3000 series, with suffix “B” or “C”, don’t have this safety issue, and are not subject to this safety concern.)

Tektronix is issuing this safety notification for its AFG3000 Series Arbitrary/Function Generators model numbers AFG3021, AFG3022, AFG3101, AFG3102, AFG3251, and AFG3252 as a precaution, to prevent possible injury. Tektronix has determined that certain improper use may potentially expose the user to hazardous voltages, posing the risk of serious personal injury or loss of life.

The risk exists only if the chassis ground post on the rear panel of the generator is used, and the grounding provided through the three-prong power cord is unreliable or missing. Under these conditions, inserting a wire or other metal object through the hole in the rear panel chassis ground post, or using a screw longer than the specified length of 6.35 mm (0.25 in), can elevate the chassis of the generator to the line voltage potential. This includes exposed metal surfaces of connectors that are connected directly to the chassis.

This notification is applicable to all AFG3000 Series products with serial numbers that begin with C01.


To locate the serial number of your product, check the rear panel. The serial number is located on the white horizontal decal. If the serial number begins with C01, but a spacer post is fastened on to the ground post that extends approximately 12 mm (1/2 inch) beyond the case, then the instrument has already been modified.

If your unit is affected, you should install the upgrade kit that Tektronix will send to you. This kit contains a grounding post extender (spacer post) that requires only a screwdriver for installation. If you have not received an upgrade kit for your instrument by September 15, 2006, please contact your local Tektronix sales office and order Tektronix part number 040-1719-00, free of charge. In the U.S., call 1-800-833-9200 and select Option 1.

For a more detailed description of the problem see Frequently Asked Questions.