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Tektronix On-site Calibration Service Keeps Your Instruments at Peak Performance and Your Operations at Peak Efficiency

Now more than ever it makes sense to locate a world-class calibration service provider inside your operation. Tektronix' On-site Calibration Service maximizes your instruments' time on-line, minimizing downtime. Service is arranged to meet your schedule. You receive the full value of a Tektronix Service Center-performed calibration.

For delivering measurement accuracy, maximization of your instrument asset value and optimization of up-time to meet demanding design and production schedules, Tektronix is uniquely qualified to be your calibration service provider. Get full value from your calibration service. Get the Tektronix Customer Service Advantage.

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Gain peak performance, operational efficiency and convenience with Tektronix On-site Calibration Service:

  • Your instruments remain in your workplace
  • Turn-around time is measured in hours, not days
  • Factory-certified procedures are used, assuring compliance
  • Service is performed according to your schedule
  • Work is performed at your location by factory-trained experts