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Multitone & Chirp AWG Plug-in

Both the AWG70000 and the AWG5200 series create clean, precise signals that can be easily built with the Multitone Plug-in. Notch out frequencies setting the start and end frequency of choice. When generating chirps, set high-to-low or low-to-high frequency sweeps and define chirp characteristics by sweep time or sweep rate. Create tones with a set the desired start and end frequency and user defined resolution, spacing or number of tones.

Essential for customers in the military, aerospace, threat emitter and RF applications where creating and generating tones are required for a successful mission.

The Multitone & Chirp Plug-in is a standalone feature that integrates seamlessly into SourceXpress or the native firmware for the AWG5200 and the AWG70000.

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Multitone & Chirp AWG Plug-in



The Multitone & Chirp plug-in runs on your PC (via the SourceXpress environment) or natively on your AWG Generate complex waveforms for immediate play back, whether you are in the lab or connected remotely
Quickly and easily generate notches, chirps and tones Define notches easily by specifying just two parameters. Create tones and chirps with similar ease and flexibility
One interface to learn Plug-ins are seamlessly integrated into either the AWG GUI or SourceXpress interface to provide a powerful streamlined waveform generation tool suite