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Introduction to Mixed Signal Test Solutions

As the complexity of today’s electronic designs rises with the increase in digital and serial content, the boundaries that define the optimum piece of test equipment can become unclear. Engineers are working with “mixed-signal” designs, which contain a substantial mix of both analog and digital technology. Designers increasingly want equipment that allows them to time-correlate both the analog and digital domains in a single instrument.

Traditionally mixed-signal analysis was accomplished by using a standalone oscilloscope and a logic analyzer; a two-box solution. This solution is often unwieldy and it can be difficult to get optimum results. The need to correlate analog and digital waveforms has led to the development of the mixed signal oscilloscope. There are similarities and differences between oscilloscopes, mixed signal oscilloscopes and logic analyzers. To better understand how these instruments address their respective applications, it is useful to take a closer look at their individual capabilities.

This white paper reviews:

  • The Digital Oscilloscope
  • The Logic Analyzer
  • The Logic Analyzer with Oscilloscope Modules
  • The Logic Analyzer used in Conjunction with a Bench-top Oscilloscope
  • The Mixed Signal Oscilloscope


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