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Power Measurement Software


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Features & Benefits

  • Your TDS500D/600C/700D Series Oscilloscope Can Perform Customized Power Measurements without the Need for a Dedicated Power System Tester
  • Installs Inside the TDS Oscilloscope Requiring No External GPIB, RS-232 or PC
  • Provided on Floppy Disk for Easy Customer Installation
  • Uses Familiar, User-friendly TDS User Interface
  • Graphic and Table Print-out of Current Harmonics to Easily View and Document AC-line Performance in Either Spectral or Tabular Form
  • Direct Reading of True Power, Apparent Power and Power Factor Measurements to Eliminate Manual Calculations
  • Part of a Complete Solution for Power Measurements from Tektronix - Voltage Probes, High- and Low-voltage Differential Probes, Differential Amplifiers, High- and Low-current Probes, Current-probe Amplifiers, Isolation Systems, etc.
  • Measurements Include Instantaneous Power and Energy on Long Records with Automatic Display of Power and Energy
  • Lower Price Than Other Custom Power Measurement Systems That Perform Limited Measurements


  • Pre-compliance Testing to CE Standard per EN 61000-3-2
  • Characterizing Switching Losses of IGBTs
User-installed, oscilloscope-resident power-measurement package

Engineers in the semiconductor industries who design IGBTs, power MOSFETs and electric motor drive ICs for the power supply industry need to make specialized energy curve measurements. Engineers designing switching power supplies, electric motors and ballasts for electrical lighting need to measure power on their sub-systems. Engineers designing products for the European market must ensure compliance to the EN 61000-3-2 standard.

Tektronix now offers these and others a solution that provides custom power measurements for the industry leading TDS oscilloscopes. Features include calculation of instantaneous power and energy curves from voltage and current input. Automatic measurements include true power, apparent power and power factor. In addition, this package provides pre-compliance testing to EN 61000-3-2 with a minimum of difficulty.

TDSPWR1 Power Measurement software is a software package from Tektronix that delivers industry-specific power measurements. It comes on floppy disks, is easily installed onto a TDS500D/600C/700D oscilloscope, and doesn't require any external processing or connections. After installation, the application is accessible from the oscilloscope front panel.


Tektronix Oscilloscopes Supported - TDSPWR1 software operates on the following scopes:



Serial Number

TDS724C Opt. 2M

V5.2e or later

B020100 or greater

TDS754C Opt. 2M

V5.2e or later

B020100 or greater

TDS784C Opt. 2M

V5.2e or later

B020100 or greater

TDS500D, TDS600C, TDS700D Series oscilloscopes with Opt. HD.

*1Instruments must have Opt. HD, hard disk drive.


Ordering Information


Power Measurement Software for TDS500/TDS700D.

Includes: Software on 3.5 in. disks, manual.

NOTE: Requires TDS500/600/700 Opt. HD or 2M.

TDSPWR1 Recommended Accessories

High-voltage Differential Probe - P5205 Active Differential Probe.

Current Probe - TCP202 DC Coupled Current Probe.