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DPO4LMT / MDO3LMT Limit and Mask Test Application Module, Datasheet


Key features

  • Conduct limit test Pass/Fail testing against a “golden” waveform with tolerances
  • Perform mask testing on ITU-T, ANSI T1.102, and USB standards
  • Perform mask testing on custom user-defined masks
  • Detailed test statistics provide insight into true signal behavior
  • Customizable tests allow for multiple actions upon violations or test failures
  • High waveform capture rates enable thousands of waveforms to be tested per second

Automated pass/fail testing

Validating signal quality is an important part of any embedded system design. One way to determine how well your signals conform to expected signal quality is to use mask testing. A mask defines a portion, or portions, of the oscilloscope display that a signal must not enter. Whether you need to test to a well-defined telecommunication or computer standard or are interested in validating how your signals are performing compared to a known good condition, the Limit and Mask Test Application Modules for the MDO4000 and MDO3000 Series provide instant automated statistical analysis of signal quality. The Limit and Mask Test capability makes testing against telecommunication and computer industry standards easy by making mask definition quick and accurate, allowing flexible testing configurations, and providing detailed statistical test results.

Limit test

A common method for understanding your signal quality is to test against a known good or “golden” waveform. You can apply horizontal and vertical tolerances to the golden waveform to create a mask that can be used for quick, accurate Pass/Fail testing. This method is also a great way to perform go/no-go testing on a manufacturing line by enabling repeatable, fast decisions on the quality of a component or system. The Limit and Mask Test Application Module allows you to save your limit test mask for use later across multiple oscilloscopes in a lab or on a production line.


Limit Test finds infrequent glitches and runt signals using a mask created by adding vertical and horizontal tolerances around a golden waveform. Quickly test your signals against a golden waveform and quickly gain insight into anomalous behavior.

Standard mask test

More than 40 standard telecommunications and computer industry standard masks are included with the DPO4LMT application module. Each standard mask is easily loaded from the oscilloscope internal memory and can be immediately used to conduct Pass/Fail testing. Adherence to a standard is determined pixel-by-pixel throughout the display. Masks for ITU-T up to 155 Mb/s data rates, ANSI T1.102 up to 155 Mb/s data rates, and high-speed USB 2.0 are included.


USB 2.0 high-speed standard mask showing results from a mask test. In the DPO4LMT application, a robust set of telecommunications and computer industry standard masks make testing to standards quick and accurate.

Flexible test configuration

The Limit and Mask Test Application Module provides flexible test definitions, enabling you to tailor the test to your needs. You can run a test for a user-defined number of waveforms (up to 1,000,000) or for a user-defined amount of time (up to 48 hours), or set either criteria to infinity and run the test until you manually stop it. The Repeat Test and Pretest Delay capability enables swapping of test locations before proceeding with a test over multiple cycles of the test. You can set the number of violations that can occur before a test status is considered failed. The oscilloscope can perform a number of actions when a test fails or completes. Actions the oscilloscope can perform when a test fails include stopping the acquisition, saving a screen image to file, saving a waveform to file, printing a screen image, setting a trigger out pulse, and setting a remote interface service request (SRQ). Actions the oscilloscope can perform when a test completes include setting a trigger out pulse and setting a remote interface service request (SRQ).


The Limit and Mask Test Application Module enables multiple actions upon a test failure or the completion of a test, tailoring the test to your specific needs.

Detailed test results

The Limit and Mask Test Application Module provides statistical results from each test conducted. The results include Pass/Fail status of the test, number of waveforms tested, number of violations found, number of total tests run, number of tests that failed, total elapsed time, and the total number of hits within the mask. A detailed results table adds the number of hits for each mask segment enabling you to tell exactly where your signal may be operating out of intended parameters.


Detailed mask test results show statistical information for the current test and accumulated over all tests. The results include information on violations, test duration, total number of hits, and the number of hits in each mask segment.


All specifications apply to all models unless noted otherwise.

Limit test specific
Mask source
Any Ch1 - Ch4 or any R1 - R4
Test source
Any Ch1 - Ch4
Mask creation margins

Vertical tolerance from 0 to 1 division in 1 m (1/1000th) division increments

Horizontal tolerance from 0 to 500 m division in 1 m (1/1000th) division increments

Mask test specific
Test source
Any Ch1 - Ch4
Included standard masks (DPO4LMT only)

DS-0 Single (64 Kb/s)
 DS-0 Double (64 Kb/s)
 DS-0 Data Contra (64 Kb/s)
 DS-0 Timing (64 Kb/s)
 DS1 Rate (1.544 Mb/s)
 DS1 G.703 (1.544 Mb/s)
 E1 Sym Pair (2.048 Mb/s)
 E1 Coax Pair (2.048 Mb/s)
 Clk Int Sym (2.048 Mb/s)
 Clk Int Coax (2.048 Mb/s)
 DS2 Rate Sym (6.312 Mb/s)
 DS2 Rate Coax (6.312 Mb/s)
 E2 (8.448 Mb/s)
 32Mb (32.064 Mb/s)
 E3 (34.368 Mb/s)
 DS3 Rate (44.736 Mb/s)
 DS3 G.703 (44.736 Mb/s)
 97Mb (97.728 Mb/s)
 E4 Binary 0 (139.26 Mb/s)
 E4 Binary 1 (139.26 Mb/s)
 STM1E Binary 0 (155.52 Mb/s)
 STM1E Binary 1 (155.52 Mb/s)
 STM-0 HDBx (51.84 Mb/s)
 STM-0 CMI 0 (51.84 Mb/s)
 STM-0 CMI 1 (51.84 Mb/s)

ANSI T1.102 

DS1 (1.544 Mb/s)
 DS1A (2.048 Mb/s)
 DS1C (3.152 Mb/s)
 DS2 (6.312 Mb/s)
 DS3 (44.736 Mb/s)
 DS4NA (139.26 Mb/s)
 DS4NA Max Output (138.26 Mb/s)
 STS-1 Pulse (51.84 Mb/s)
 STS-1 Eye (51.84 Mb/s)
 STS-3 (155.52 Mb/s)
 STS-3 Max Output (155.52 Mb/s)


HS:T1 (480 Mb/s)
 HS:T2 (480 Mb/s)
 HS:T3 (480 Mb/s)
 HS:T4 (480 Mb/s)
 HS:T5 (480 Mb/s)
 HS:T6 (480 Mb/s)

Mask creation

Load custom mask from text file with up to eight segments

DPO4LMT only: Select standard mask from internal memory

DPO4LMT only: Copy a standard mask to custom mask

Custom mask vertical margin

From –50% to +50%

A positive value spreads upper and lower segments apart, a negative value brings upper and lower segments closer together.

DPO limit and mask tests
Mask hit highlighting
Hits within a mask are highlighted for easy viewing
Mask scaling

Lock to Source ON: Mask automatically rescales with source-channel settings changes

Lock to Source OFF: Mask does not rescale with source-channel settings changes

Test criteria run until

Minimum number of waveforms (from 1 to 1,000,000; Infinity)

Minimum elapsed time (from 1 second to 48 hours; Infinity)

Pretest delay
From 0 to 200 s
Repeat on completion

ON: Test will repeat when the minimum number of waveforms or minimum amount of time is reached

OFF: Test will run a single time and will not repeat

Violation threshold

Number of violations before a test status is considered failed (from 1 to 1,000,000)

Actions on test failure

Stop acquisition

Save screen image to file

Save waveform to file

Print screen image

Trigger out pulse

Set remote interface service request (SRQ)

Actions on test complete

Trigger out pulse

Set remote interface service request (SRQ)

Results display
All test results include values from the current test and the accumulated values from all tests:

Test status

Total waveforms tested

Number of violations

Number of total tests run

Number of failed tests

Total elapsed time

Total hits

Detailed results add the number of hits for each segment in the active mask

Ordering information

The Limit and Mask Testing Application Module for the MDO4000 Series (DPO4LMT) or for the MDO3000 Series (MDO3LMT) enables testing against limit masks generated from "golden" waveforms and mask testing using custom user-defined masks. The DPO4LMT module also enables mask testing using standard telecommunication and computer industry masks. ≥350 MHz bandwidth models are recommended for mask testing on telecomm standards >55 Mb/s. 1 GHz bandwidth models are recommended for mask testing on high-speed (HS) USB.
Recommended probes
Please refer to www.tek.com/probes for further information on the recommended models of probes and any necessary probe adapters.