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50GBASE-FR/LR, 100GBASE-DR, 200GBASE-DR4/LR4/FR4 & 400GBASE-LR8/FR8/DR4 Optical Datasheet

Conformance and Characterization Solution for Sampling Scopes

Conformance and Characterization Solution for Sampling Scopes
IEEE 802.3bs (200GBASE-DR4/LR4/FR4 and 400GBASE-DR4/LR8/FR8) and IEEE 802.3cd (50GBASE-FR/LR and 100GBASE-DR) Optical Equivalent Time Transmitter Conformance and Characterization Solution


The Tektronix time instrument based characterization automation system provides turnkey testing and debugging for the industries most common optical interfaces. As the designers need to perform the validation of 50GBASE-FR/LR, 100GBASE-DR, 200GBASE-DR4/LR4/FR4 and 400GBASE-LR8/FR8/DR4 standards, these tools are brought together in a single 400G-TXO (Optical Transmitter Validation) package.

400G-TXO application package is an automated conformance and characterization solution for IEEE 802.3bs and IEEE 802.3cd specifications. This package operates on DSA8300 sampling instrument with 80C10C optical module. The 80S400G-TXO offers a selection of 50G, 100G, 200G, and 400G compliance tests according to IEEE 802.3bs and IEEE 802.3cd LR, DR and FR standards. It automatically populates the tests required and data rates for the selected standard. The unique lower noise levels of the DSA8300 sampling architecture in combination with the 80C10C optical sampling module offers a 56 GBaud PAM-4 solution, capable of meeting the 56G ORR standard requirement.

Key features
  • 400G-TXO offers a streamlined and fully automated optical compliance and debug tool for TDECQ.

  • 400G-TXO offers support for IEEE 802.3bs/cd LR, DR and FR standards.

  • Extends 80SJNB for analysis and debug of 50G, 100G, 200G, and 400GBase FR8/LR8/DR4 standards.

  • Optical transmitter measurements for IEEE 802.3bs and IEEE 802.3cd specifications.
  • Validation of 50GBASE-FR/LR, 100GBASE-DR, 200GBASE-DR4/LR4/FR4 and 400GBASE-LR8/FR8/DR4 standards.
Standards overview
Data RateStandards
50G (26.5625 GBd)50GBASE-FR
100G (53.125 GBd)100GBASE-DR
200G (26.5625 GBd)200GBASE-DR4
400G (26.5625 GBd)400GBASE-FR8
400G (53.125 GBd)400GBASE-DR4

IEEE 802.3bs and IEEE 802.3cd Optical Transmitter fully automated measurements


Mapping of TP2 measurements to specification
Test PointSupported measurementsSpecification reference
TP2Transmitter and Dispersion Eye Closure (TDECQ)IEEE 802.3bs or IEE802.3cd
Average Launch PowerIEEE 802.3bs or IEE802.3cd
Outer Optical Modulation AmplitudeIEEE 802.3bs or IEE802.3cd
Signaling RateIEEE 802.3bs or IEE802.3cd
Launch Power in OMA outer minus TDECQIEEE 802.3bs or IEE802.3cd
Extinction RatioIEEE 802.3bs or IEE802.3cd
Average Launch Power of Off TransmitterIEEE 802.3bs or IEE802.3cd
RINxOMAIEEE 802.3bs or IEE802.3cd
Test PointSupported optical transmitter specificationsSpecification reference
TP250GBASE-FR/LRIEEE 802.3cd, section D1.0, table 139-6 
100GBASE-DRIEEE 802.3cd, section D1.0, table 140-6 
200GBASE-DR4IEEE 802.3bs, section D2.2, table 121-6 
200GBASE-LR4/FR4IEEE 802.3bs, section D2.2, table 122-9 
400GBASE-LR8/FR8IEEE 802.3bs, section D2.2, table 122-10 
400GBASE-DR4IEEE 802.3bs, section D2.2, table 124-6 

TEDECQ measurement

TDECQ is the penalty given by the ratio of the noise a receiver could add to an ideal transmitter and ideal channel to get a certain symbol error rate (SER) to the noise a receiver could add to the device under test (DUT) and worst case channel to get same SER.

TDECQ is measured on equalized PAM4 signal. Average optical power of the equalized eye diagram is determined and crossing points (0 UI and 1 UI) are determined by the average of eye diagram crossing times at Pave. Two vertical histograms are measured through the eye diagram, centered at 0.45 UI and 0.55 UI. Each of the histogram windows spans all of the modulation levels of the eye diagram.

Default histogram window width is 0.04 UI and it is configurable. Each histogram window has outer height boundaries which are set beyond the extremes of the eye diagram.

Instrument noise and equalizer gain are compensated while computing TDECQ.



Measurement selection

The setup and test execution are simple with the 400G-TXO software. The oscilloscope acquisition and analysis are controlled through the 400G-TXO automation solution. The graphical User Interface (GUI) provides an intuitive and easily repeatable work-flow for setup and testing.


TekExpress® 400G-TXO measurement list

TekExpress 400G-TXO offers flexible control over the test configuration such as analysis windows and other parameters.

Test selection

Users can select the standard and parameters to be tested. This supports characterization measurement in compliance with the standard and reduces the test time and complexity.


Reports & Measurement Results






IEEE802.3bs and IEEE802.3cd Optical Conformance Test Application Software Solution for DSA8300 Oscilloscope
To order with oscilloscope
Oscilloscope Option DSA8300 order 80S400G-TXO
To upgrade an oscilloscope

Oscilloscope Option DSA8300 DSA83UP 80S400G-TXO

Software options
Option 80S400G-TXO
IEEE 802.3bs (200GBASE-DR4/LR4/FR4 and 400GBASE-DR4/LR8/FR8) and IEEE 802.3cd (50GBASE-FR/LR and 100GBASE-DR) Optical Transmitter Conformance Solution for DSA8300 (requires option ADVTRIG, JNB02, and PAM4)
Instrument and accessories required
Clock Recovery Unit
CR286A (optional, supported upto 28.6 GBd)
Optical Modules for 200G-DR4/FR4/LR4 and 400G-FR8/LR8
80C10C, 80C15
Optical Modules for 400G-DR4
Optical Power Meter supporting DR4, FR4, LR4 wavelength range
No recommendation
Phase Reference
82A04B with 80X01 extender (optional)