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1 GHz and 500 MHz High Voltage Differential Probes

TDP1000, TDP0500, P6251 Datasheet TDP1000, TDP0500, P6251 Datasheet

TDP1000, TDP0500, P6251 Datasheet TDP1000, TDP0500, P6251 Datasheet

Key performance specifications

  • 1 GHz and 500 MHz probe bandwidth
  • <1 pF differential input capacitance
  • 1 MΩ differential input resistance
  • ±42 v (DC + pk AC) differential input voltage
  • >18 dB CMRR (at 250 MHz 50X attenuation)

Key features

  • Outstanding electrical performance
    • Selectable bandwidth-limiting filters
    • DC reject
  • Versatile DUT connectivity
    • Small compact probe head for probing small geometry circuit elements
    • Straight pin, square pin, solder down, variable pitch standard accessories
    • Robust design for reliability
  • Easy to use
    • Provides automatic units scaling and readout on the oscilloscope display
    • TDP1000, TDP0500
      • Connect directly to oscilloscopes with the TekVPI™ probe interface
      • Easy access to scope-displayed probe menu for probe setup control and operating status information
      • Remote GPIB/USB probe control through the oscilloscope
      • AutoZero – zeros out output offset
    • P6251
      • Connect directly to the TekProbe™ interface oscilloscopes, or to TekConnect® oscilloscopes using TCA-BNC adapter


  • High-speed switch mode power supply design
  • CAN/LIN bus design
  • Digital design and characterization
  • Manufacturing engineering test
  • Research and development

High-voltage differential probes

The TDP1000, TDP0500, and P6251 High-voltage Differential Probes are specifically designed for use with and direct connection to Tektronix oscilloscopes with either the TekVPI™ probe interface, or TekProbe BNC Interface. These probes achieve high-speed signal acquisition and measurement fidelity by solving three traditional measurement challenges:

  • Outstanding Electrical Performance
  • Versatile Device-Under-Test Connectivity
  • Ease of Use


All specifications are guaranteed unless noted otherwise. All specifications apply to all models unless noted otherwise.

Warranted characteristics

Bandwidth (probe only)
TDP1000, P6251
1 GHz
500 MHz
5X, 50X
Differential mode input voltage
±42 v (DC + pk AC); 30 Vrms
Rise time (probe only)
TDP1000, P6251
≤350 ps
<700 ps
>55 dB at 30 kHz
>50 dB at 1 MHz
>18 dB at 250 MHz (warranted at 50X attenuation)
Maximum input voltage (nondestruct)
±100 V (DC + pk AC)
Gain accuracy at DC

Typical characteristics

Differential input capacitance
≤1 pF
Differential input resistance
1 MΩ
Sensitivity/noise level
5X attenuation
2 mVrms

10 mVrms (referred to the probe output)

50X attenuation
1 mVrms

50 mVrms (referred to the probe output)

Propogation delay
6.5 ns
Common mode input voltage
±35 v (DC + pk AC); 25 Vrms
Differential input offset range
TDP1000, TDP0500
±42 V (5X or 50X attenuation)
±4.25 V (5X attenuation)

±42 V (50X attenuation)

DC reject
5X attenuation
0.4 Hz
50X attenuation
4 Hz

Nominal characteristics

Selectable bandwidth filter limits
TDP1000, TDP0500
100 Hz, 10 kHz, 1 MHz, Full
5 MHz, Full
Oscilloscope interface recommendations
TDP1000, TDP0500
TekVPI™ Probe
When using MSO/DPO2000/B series, the TekVPI Power supply (Tektronix part number, 119-7465-xx) and power cable is needed.
TekProbe BNC Level II

TekConnect® (TCA-BNC required)

Power requirements

TDP1000, TDP0500
Powered directly by oscilloscopes with the TekVPI interface
Powered directly by the TekProbe-BNC interface, eliminating the need for additional power supplies and cables when used with TekProbe-BNC oscilloscopes.
May also be powered through the 1103 TEKPROBE power supply for use with non-TekProbe interface instrumentation.

Physical characteristics

Compensation box dimensions
Dimension TDP1000, TDP0500 P6251
in cm in cm
Height 1.6 4.1 1.0 2.6
Width 1.2 3.05 1.6 4.1
Length 4.2 10.7 3.2 8.13
Cable length 47.2 (inches), 1.2 (meters)
TDP1000, TDP0500 P6251
lb kg lb kg
0.320 0.146 0.360 0.163

Ordering information


1 GHz high-voltage differential probe with TekVPI interface.
500 MHz high-voltage differential probe with TekVPI interface.
1 GHz High-voltage Differential Probe with TekProbe-BNC Level II Interface.


Language options

Opt. L5
Japanese manual
Opt. L7
Simplified Chinese manual

Service options

Opt. C3
Calibration Service 3 Years
Opt. C5
Calibration Service 5 Years
Opt. R3
Repair Service 3 Years (including warranty)
Opt. R5
Repair Service 5 Years (including warranty)
Opt. SILV600
Standard warranty extended to 5 years
Opt. SILV900
Standard warranty extended to 5 years

Additional service products for the TDP0500 or TDP1000

TDP0500-R3DW / TDP1000-R3DW
Repair service coverage 3 years (includes product warranty period) 3-year period starts at time of customer instrument purchase
TDP0500-R5DW / TDP1000-R5DW
Repair service coverage 5 years (includes product warranty period) 5-year period starts at time of customer instrument purchase


Standard accessories

Description Quantity included with product Reorder part number (qty in reorder)
Y-lead set 2 each 196-3434-xx (1)
Solder-down lead set, 1 inch 1 each 196-3504-xx (1)
Solder-down lead set, 3 inch 1 each 196-3505-xx (1)
Micro CKT test tip 3 each 206-0569-xx (1)
Tip savers 2 each 016-1781-xx (2)
Longhorn adapters 2 each 016-1780-xx (5)
Straight-pin probe tips 8 each 016-1891-xx (8)
3-inch ground leads 2 each 196-3437-10 (2)
Color-coding bands 2 each of 5 colors 016-1315-xx (2 each of 5 colors)
Nylon carrying case 1 each 016-1952-xx (1)

Standard warranty

1 year parts and labor.

Recommended accessories

Description Part number Quantity
BNC to probe tip adapter 067-1734-xx 1 each
Spring loaded grounds 016-1782-xx 1 package of 6
Twin foot adapter 016-1785-xx 1 package of 4
Twin tip adapter 016-1786-xx 1 package of 4
IC micro grabber SMK4 1 package of 4
TEKPROBE probe power supply 1103 1 each