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Tektronix Component Solutions: Flip Chip Assembly

Flip chip has emerged as a packaging technology of choice for managing cost, size, weight and power (C-SWaP) considerations. By using the entire surface of the die for establishing interconnect, package size can be reduced and interconnect density increased. Additionally, directly connecting the die to the substrate or board shortens the signal path length, thereby reducing impedance and improving overall electrical performance.

As a high-performance IC packaging provider, Tektronix Component Solutions has extensive experience in flip chip assembly, including working with high-lead C4 balls, eutectic C4 balls and lead-free C4 balls, plus a wide variety of organic and ceramic substrates. We offer complete turnkey development services for flip chip parts, including design, flip chip assembly and test services and support volume production ranging from hundreds to 100,000 parts per year, making us an ideal partner for high performance flip chip assembly and development.

Turnkey Services

As a turnkey IC packaging provider, Tektronix Component Solutions can provide complete design, assembly and test services for your next flip chip development project. These services include substrate design and technology selection, flip chip assembly in our 32,000 square foot lean manufacturing facility and test services ranging from wafer test to electrical and environmental testing of assembled devices.

High Performance Flip Chip Development

As a strategic part of Tektronix for more than 40 years, Tektronix Component Solutions delivers leading edge, instrument-grade performance in our custom IC packages. Flip chip assembly is no different and Tektronix Component Solutions specializes in the development of high-performance flip chip devices. For example, Tektronix Component Solutions offers 15 and 32+ GHz flip chip ball grid array (FCBGA) IC package platforms. These IC package platforms are an ideal fit for customers requiring broadband, high-pin count ASIC packaging solutio

15 & 32 GHz FCBGA Platforms:

  • Available in either organic (PTFE) or ceramic (LTCC) substrate technology options
  • Flip chip interconnect for high pin count ASICs (>150 pins) with bump pitch <200 µm
  • Up to 15 GHz bandwidth (RL ≤ -15 dB, IL ≥ -2 dB) or up to 32 GHz bandwidth (RL ≤ - 10 dB, IL ≥ -2 dB)
  • Moisture sensitivity level 4

Flip Chip Ball Grid Array Process Capabilities:

Tektronix Component Solutions can assemble FCBGA devices within the boundries of the following process capabilities:

Process CapabilitiesUnitsRoutineSpecial

BGA Ball Chemistry


63SnPb or SAC305


BGA Ball Diameter


18 / 24 / 30


BGA Pitch (min)


1 / 1.27


BGA Pad Definition




Substrate Pad Diameter


0.8 x Solder Ball Diameter

0.7 x Solder Ball Diameter

Package Size


27 x 27

40 x 40

Number of C4 I/Os (max)


< 500

< 1700

Die Size (max)




Underfill Keepout Around Die (min)



< 2