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Selecting the optimal interconnect technology is a key factor in maximizing the performance of your device, since interconnect method can directly impact package characteristics such as signal speed, signal integrity, and cost, size, weight and power (C-SWaP). Tektronix Component Solutions has extensive experience with a variety of interconnect technologies and can help select, design and assemble the appropriate interconnect for your device. From wire-bond and ball-grid-array (BGA) flip chip devices, to high-density wire-bonding and optical interconnects Tektronix Component Solutions is the partner you can rely on to optimize the performance of your IC package. In addition, Tektronix Component Solutions can support a variety of die attach requirements - utilizing solder or epoxy bonding methodologies for standard requirements and eutetic die attach techniques for hermetic packaging.

Flip Chip Assembly

As a high-performance IC packaging provider, Tektronix Component Solutions has extensive experience in flip chip assembly, including working with high-lead C4 balls, eutectic C4 balls and lead-free C4 balls, plus a wide variety of organic and ceramic substrates. We offer complete turnkey development services for flip chip parts, including design, flip chip assembly and test services. We support volume production ranging from hundreds to 100,000 parts per year, making us an ideal partner for high-performance flip chip assembly and development.

Wire Bonding Services

Advanced wire bonding services are a core competency at Tektronix Component Solutions. We utilize both gold and aluminum wire bond materials and can support multi-row and high-density interconnect requirements. Additionally, we have well-established capabilities in thermosonic ball-stitch wire bonding, thermocompression ball-stitch wire bonding, thermosonic wedge bonding, ultrasonic wedge bonding and ribbon bonding.


In addition to traditional IC packaging interconnect methods, Tektronix Component Solutions also has advanced capabilities in optical interconnect technologies. Our capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Fiber tip polishing and lensing
  • Active optical alignment for multi-mode fiber products
    • Single or multi-channel devices
  • Fiber positioning and attachment
  • Hermetic fiber sealing
  • Micro-optic lens design
  • Opto-mechanical package design
  • VCSEL characterization for temperature stability
  • Parallel Bit Error Rate Testing (BERT)
  • Custom optical test fixture design and test station development
  • Optical component selection