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Choosing the Right Service Delivery Option

Our equipment calibration customers perform mission-critical work. From ensuring life-saving medical equipment can function properly or providing infrastructure for weather service and communications systems, to supporting our national security and defense. Picking the right service delivery option when getting your equipment calibrated can save time and limit disruption to your operations.

Tektronix offers several calibration delivery options for Tek and Keithley equipment as well as instruments from over 9,000 other brands including:

  • Local service centers – There are 27 North American and 18 international locations that deliver prompt and reliable instrument calibration. Local service centers offer free pick-up and delivery within the locality of the center, and a broad scope of accreditation which helps minimize third-party costs.
  • Periodic onsite service – By bringing the service to you, our calibration service technicians will work with your team to plan, manage, and execute site visits to calibrate multiple pieces of equipment at a time. With this option, customers can plan ahead and avoid having to take equipment out of service to minimize impact on your design and production schedules. This is also the best option to calibrate sensitive or large equipment that can’t be moved.
  • “Virtual onsite service” – Ideal for lab managers and maintenance coordinators who are looking for a periodic onsite service solution but face space limitations for calibration at their location. Our highly trained Calibration Technicians will seamlessly pick up your equipment for calibration at your site. The calibration process will be expertly completed at our service centers, and your equipment will be promptly delivered back to you within 24 hours.
  • Permanent onsite service – If you have a high volume of work and would benefit from our highest level of customer support, we can place Tektronix calibration technicians at your site on a full-time basis. Our calibration experts can manage your whole calibration program or just serve as a force multiplier for your internal calibration team.

The services we provide in support of your critical business are essential and our teams are taking all commercially reasonable actions to maintain production capabilities and make modifications with our logistic partners as needed. Here are a couple of additional questions that we’ve received and how we’re responding to meet the needs of our equipment calibration customers.

Tektronix employee servicing and calibrating an oscilloscope   
  1. What services are being provided?

    We continue to provide all available services including calibration, repair, asset management, and testing services. We are also offering “Virtual Onsite” service where we dedicate the resources and standards that would have been used for onsite service, but we perform the service in our service center. Some businesses need calibration to remain compliant but are restricting outside personnel access to their facility in order to protect their employees. Virtual onsites combined with pickup and delivery service allow for appropriate social distancing where required.

  2. How are turnaround times affected?

Turnaround time continues to be a top priority, but we must acknowledge enhanced sanitizing steps do add some time to the calibration process. For repair and calibration services, we are currently working both onsite and in our labs by providing flexible working arrangements to satisfy our customers’ requests. However, this could change due to further travel restrictions, logistical part shortages, guidance or mandates from government or health and safety officials and ensuring the safety of our employees.

As the world’s leading provider of multi-brand calibration services, we are committed to providing standard and accredited cost-effective calibration services to keep your equipment running in top condition. Our technicians are all wearing gloves, masks and using whatever recommended PPE is required while practicing necessary social distancing guidelines.