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Celebrating 70 Years of Innovation with a Refreshed Brand Focused on the Future

By Pat Byrne, President of Tektronix



As we reflect on our first 70 years here at Tektronix, we are proud that our innovations have supported many of the world’s greatest historic advances in scientific discovery, computing, communications, and space exploration helping researchers, engineers and technicians realize innovation with greater ease, speed and accuracy.

As we look ahead to the next steps in our journey, we have spent time with our customers, partners and employees to understand their needs and to help us shape Tektronix – in our visual identity as we introduce a refreshed logo, in the measurement solutions we design and build, and in the way we collaborate with you, our customers.

We know you want our products to perform your specific task, focused on your technology and on your device under test. Precision, accuracy and performance are still important but we are making a fundamental shift within Tektronix from a product-centric hardware company – a shift that has already been occurring for some time – to an application focused technology company delivering the right applications to serve your needs and making your path to measurement insight seamless.

We're engineers, we're an engineering company, and we're focused on making engineers successful.  Our brand is our promise to you, built on the last 70 years. As we introduce the world to our new logo, it's about what we are going to do with you to make the future brighter together.


Pat Byrne, President, Tektronix


Before assuming his current role as the President of Tektronix in 2014, Pat was a vice president and Chief Technology Officer at Danaher, Tektronix’ parent company. Prior to joining Danaher in 2012, Pat had been Chief Executive of Intermec Technologies, a publicly traded, radio frequency identification (RFID) specialist based company in Everett, Wash. Before running Intermec, Pat spent eight years in executive roles at Agilent Technologies, and 17 years at Hewlett-Packard Co. He holds a BSEE degree from the University of California at Berkley and a MSEE from Stanford University.