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Jeffrey Miller's blog


Jeffrey Miller, Tektronix Product Manager, poses with the new 4 Series B MSO.
What Is New in the 4 Series B MSO Wednesday, December 6, 2023
The 4 Series MSO introduced a new approach to 4-class mixed signal oscilloscopes when it first released in 2019. With its innovative made-for-touch user interface and high-definition display, it brought the user experience of the acclaimed 5 Series MSO to a broader audience and with a smaller bench footprint. The 4 Series won an Electronics Products Product of the Year award in that same year, and …
Engineer viewing an oscilloscope waveform on a laptop computer
Oscilloscope Software Enables Remote and Work From Home Options Monday, September 13, 2021
The trend of working from home is gaining more ascendancy each day in all industries. This is further being driven by the Covid-19 pandemic. Adopting a remote-based culture requires tools that are remote work-ready whether they are instruments like oscilloscopes or software platforms for collaborative work. Tektronix provides various future-ready tools for working with an oscilloscope remotely …
Tektronix MS064B Rack Mount-ATE with AWG5208
New Programming Interface Translator Helps You Upgrade ATE Systems with Modern Oscilloscopes Tuesday, March 2, 2021
Automated test systems can live a long time. I often work with engineers who are supporting test systems that were designed and built a decade or more earlier. In many cases, the engineer wasn’t even part of the development of the system. As a test and measurement manufacturer, at some point, instruments become too expensive or even impossible to build – usually due to scarcity of parts. And since …