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Join us for the VideoInsight 2011 seminar series. This free seminar will provide you with current tips and tricks on tackling today's broadcast test challenges. Depending upon the location, you will:

  • Find out about the Color Gamut space and how to get the best video quality and stay legal at the same time.
  • Get the latest update on ATSC A/85 Recommendation for Controlling Audio Loudness and learn how to control audio levels between program and commercial transitions.
  • Learn about the Ancillary Data in an SDI signal, and how to use it to verify the presence of Active Format Descriptor (AFD) and Closed Captioning data.
  • Learn about the change to file-based workflows, and how to use automated quality verification and let your staff focus on the known "bad" video.

Begin your registration process by viewing the seminar calendar listing, or follow this link to the seminar tour map. You will be able to get directions, view the agenda and register all in one place.