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Tektronix Honored with Seven EDN Hot 100 Products of 2017 in Test & Measurement Category


BEAVERTON, Ore., Dec. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Tektronix, a leading worldwide provider of measurement solutions, today announced that a broad cross section of its new products launched this year have been selected to the EDN Hot 100 Products of 2017 in the Test and Measurement category. The impressive showing in the annual list of the most important new products in the electronics industry was by far the strongest showing by any test and measurement manufacturer. Tektronix products making the list include the following:

  1. 5 Series MSO mixed-signal oscilloscope
  2. AWG5200 arbitrary waveform generator
  3. BSX BERTScope BER testers
  4. PAM4 transmitter analysis software
  5. HSSLTA 100 GbE Link-Training option for high-performance DPO70000SX oscilloscope
  6. Keithley S540 power semiconductor test system
  7. TTR500 USB-based vector network analyzer

EDN's Hot 100 products celebrate the electronics industry's most significant products of the year based on innovation, usefulness, and popularity. Readers and editors of EDN—an electronics community for engineers, by engineers—select the Hot 100 list of products across eight categories. Winners were recognized in the article, "EDN Hot 100 products of 2017."

"Whether its next generation smartphones, electric vehicles, faster data center networks, or more energy efficient Internet of Things devices, the need for innovative test and measurement solutions that keep pace with the latest challenges has never been greater," said Tami Newcombe, Commercial President, Tektronix. "A key part of our vision as a company is to deliver on the promise of "RevolutioneeringTM" with new solutions that help break down the barriers to innovation by our customers. The fact that seven of our products – by far the best showing of any test and measurement manufacturer -- landed on the EDN Hot 100 is a clear indication of our steadfast commitment to deliver innovations our customers need as they bring world-changing technologies to market."

Here are details of the seven Tektronix product breakthroughs included in EDN's Top 100 Products of 2017:

  • The 5 Series MSO mixed-signal oscilloscope redefines the midrange oscilloscope with a host of innovations including the industry's first FlexChannel technology that allows 4, 6 or 8 analog channels and up to 64 digital channels, integrated protocol analysis and signal generator, a new 12-bit signal acquisition system, a massive high-definition capacitive touch display, and a highly intuitive Direct Access user interface ¾  delivering unprecedented flexibility and unmatched visibility into complex embedded systems.
  • The AWG5200 series of arbitrary waveform generators offers high signal fidelity and scalability at an affordable price point to meet demanding signal generation needs in advanced research, electronic test, and radar and electronic warfare (EW) system design and test. The AWG5200 offers an impressive set of capabilities not previously available in the market all in one instrument, including a 10 GS/s sample rate, 16-bit resolution and up to 8 channels per unit along with support for multiple unit synchronization. It includes a flexible waveform generation plug-in suite with comprehensive coverage for a wide variety of standards and digital modulation techniques. By offering this set of combined capabilities, it also lowers the cost of ownership for complex multi-signal environments starting at a list price of about $11,000 per channel for the 8-channel instrument.
  • Tektronix BSX series BERTScope is the industry's first 32 Gb/s protocol-aware bit error rate test and analysis system. It not only helps characterize the receiver in Gen3 and Gen4 devices – it enables users to shorten the time needed to debug link training and bit error rate issues. As fourth generation serial protocols such as PCIe 4.0, USB3.1, and SAS4 become more complex, it has become increasingly difficult to place a receiver being tested into an appropriate state (such as a loopback state) for testing without protocol handshaking between the instrument and the device under test. With its protocol-aware functions, the BSX Series provides the tools and flexibility needed to visualize and control the handshaking and link training process for devices running up to 32 Gb/s."
  • Tektronix PAM4 test solutions now deliver comprehensive 400G electrical compliance testing for OIF-CEI-56G VSR/MR/LR PAM4 standards. The new 400G-TXE software package runs on high-performance DPO70000SX Real-Time Oscilloscopes, a lineup of models that go up to 70 GHz in bandwidth. The automated turnkey solution performs PAM4 compliance test sweeps in a single pass for shorter test times, more reliable and repeatable results, and greater ease of use.
  • High Speed Serial Link Training Analysis (Option HSSLTA) is a tool for 100G electrical datacom designers to use with the ultra high-speed DPO70000SX series of oscilloscopes. It offers a powerful debugging capability for network equipment providers and silicon vendors concerned about interoperability issues in their designs. Link training is a complex sequence of negotiations between transmitter and receiver to determine optimal transceiver settings. HSSLTA uses the power of DPO70000SX triggering to identify link training exchanges between devices, then analyzes and displays the protocol, timing, and PHY signaling associated with negotiation of 100 Gb/s links.
  • The Keithley S540 Power Semiconductor Test System is a fully-automated, 48 pin parametric test system for wafer-level testing of power semiconductor devices and structures up to 3kV. Optimized for use with the latest compound power semiconductor materials including silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN), the fully integrated S540 can perform all high voltage, low voltage, and capacitance tests in a single probe touch-down. As a standard commercial product, the S540 offers fully traceable system specifications, safety compliance, diagnostics, and worldwide service and support, features that are often missing in home-built or custom systems.
  • The TTR500 Series USB Vector Network Analyzer adds to the growing Tektronix portfolio of disruptive USB-based RF test instruments. Like Tektronix' highly successful USB-based spectrum analyzers, the new TTR500 Series delivers a combination of low price and performance – 40 percent lower cost than alternatives capable of matching its 122 dB dynamic range and 6 GHz frequency range. It also includes advanced features like VectorVu-PC analysis software and a built-in bias tee for biasing active devices, a feature you may have had to pay extra for in the past.

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