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MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Trade-In Promotional Offer

MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Promo

LIV curves

Improve your measurement productivity with a new, state of the art oscilloscope.

It is a great time to bring more capability to your bench and replace older oscilloscopes.

Earn up to a 30% discount on new 1 GHz or higher 4 Series B, 5 Series B or 6 Series B MSO oscilloscope models with the trade in of a qualifying used Tektronix or competitors’ oscilloscope.

Not only will you make measurements and troubleshoot faster, with greater accuracy and confidence, but you will get a great price on our latest intuitive, award-winning oscilloscopes.

The 4 Series B, 5 Series B, and 6 Series B MSOs deliver:

  • A range of bandwidths from 200 MHz to 10 GHz
  • State-of-the-art, intuitive touchscreen user interfaces
  • 12-bit ADCs with up to 16-bit resolution in Hi Res Mode
  • Big HD displays
  • Multi-channel, synchronized spectrum analysis
  • Supported with a wide range of TekVPI smart probes

Act now on this great opportunity to upgrade your bench.

Learn how to redeem this offer now.

This trade-in program expires December 31, 2024.

Contact your Tektronix account manager or authorized Tektronix Partner for quotation details.

LIV curves

Qualifying Instruments

Qualifying oscilloscopes to be traded in must be ≥ 1 GHz bandwidth, must be in working condition, and be less than 12 years old. Below is the table of qualifying models and eligible discount on a new 4 Series B, 5 Series B or 6 Series B MSO (≥ 1 GHz Models).

Tektronix Discount
DPO7000(B/C) 20%
MSO64, MSO54, MSO56, MSO58 20%
DPO5000/MSO5000 (non-B) 20%
DPO5000B/MSO5000B (excluding DPO5104B) 20%
MDO4104, MDO4104B (excluding MDO4104C) 20%
Rohde & Schwarz Discount
RTO2000 Series 30%
RTP Series 30%
RTO6 Series 30%
MXO4 Series 30%
RTE1000 Series 20%
Keysight Discount
S Series 30%
V Series 30%
6000 X-Series 30%
4000 X-Series 30%
EXR Series 30%
UXR Series 30%
MXR Series 30%
DSO/MSO9000(A) Series 20%
DSO/DSA90000(A) Series 20%
LeCroy Discount
WaveRunner 8000HD Series 30%
HDO8000(A) Series 20%
WaveSurfer 4000HD Series 30%
HDO9000 Series 20%
WavePro HD Series 30%
WaveMaster 8Zi-B Series 20%
WaveRunner 6200A Series 20%
WavePro 7000 Series 20%
WavePro Zi Series 20%


  • Trade-in program expires December 31, 2024.
  • The discount is off list price or partner contracted price and applies to the 4 Series B, 5 Series B and 6 Series B models only (1 GHz or greater bandwidth) and includes associated product options but excludes service options.
  • Promotion is only valid when purchased directly from Tektronix or an Authorized Distribution Partner eligible to sell 4 Series, 5 Series B, 6 Series B oscilloscopes.
  • Promotion applies to purchase of new instruments only. Tektronix Encore units are excluded.
  • This promotion is combinable with Education discounts.
  • Cannot be combined with VBA/SDP agreement or any other sales promotion/programs not mentioned above.
  • Proof of trade-in needs to be provided to Tektronix (RMA # or signed disposition statement).
  • Customer purchase orders must be received between January 1, 2024 and December 31, 2024.
  • Tektronix reserves the right to change or cancel this program at any time.

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