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與 Tek 業務代表即時對談。 上班時間:上午 6:00 - 下午 4:30 (太平洋時間)



與 Tek 業務代表即時對談。 上班時間:上午 8:30 - 下午 5:30 (太平洋時間)




TBS2000 vs. GW-Instek GDS-2000A Comparison

Tektronix TBS2000 Series
✔ 9” WVGA display with 15 horizontal grids
✔ 20M record length to capture long time windows
GW-Instek GDS2000A Series
8” WVGA display with 10 horizontal grids
2M record length
key features comparison
Probe and Measurement
Tektronix TBS2000 Series
✔ TekVPI probe interface supports active, differential, and current without the need for external power. Probes communicate with TBS2000
✔ Automatic measurements can be categorized and laid out in one page for straight-forward selection
✔ Cursor measurement with on-waveform readouts
GW-Instek GDS2000A Series
Standard BNC interface. No power provided by the scope, and no communication
Automatic measurements are selected from a long list. You ar
Cursor measurement readouts are off to the bottom of the screen
Safety and Reliability
Tektronix TBS2000 Series
✔ 5 years of warranty
✔ No fans in 2-channel models, for low noise operation
✔ Max. Input Voltage: CAT II 300Vrms
GW-Instek GDS2000A Series
3 years of warranty
Fans in all models
Max. Input Voltage: 300Vrms [no published CAT rating]
Education for Everybody
Tektronix TBS2000 Series
HelpEverywhere – Shows real-time instructions for key operations like triggering or measuring
ScopeIntro – Built-in knowledge book with detailed introduction of oscilloscope and current models
Courseware – Lab exercises may be downloaded for free and may be loaded and viewed on the oscilloscope
TekSmartLab – TBS2000 is fully compatible with TekSmartLab software for presetting lab stations and monitoring student progress from a professor’s workstation
MDO3000 does not provide synchronized time- and frequency-domain display
GW-Instek GDS2000A Series
No instructions for key operations
Only lab guide and tutorial in CD or on GW-Instek website
Lab exercises may not be loaded or viewed on the oscilloscope
No solution for presetting lab stations or monitoring student progress during labs from a professor’s workstation
Remote Connectivity
Tektronix TBS2000 Series
✔ First basic oscilloscope with Wi-fi Dongle support
✔ Two USB ports on rear panel: one USB HOST for flash drive or wi-fi dongle; one USB DEVICE for remote control via PC
✔ LAN with LXI compatibility is included. TBS2000 can be remotely accessed by any device on the same network equipped with a web browser
GW-Instek GDS2000A Series
No wireless connectivity
✔ Two USB ports on rear panel: one USB HOST for flash drive; one USB DEVICE for remote control via PC
LAN is optional, no LXI compatibility