RSA3000 Spectrum Analyzer

Discover and interpret complex behaviors of your time variant signals.

Winner of the EDN Innovation Award

The mid-range performance RSA3000 Spectrum Analyzer Series delivers the measurement confidence you need in your radio design or spectrum management tasks. Perform vector, spectrum, power, signal source and audio analysis, all from within a single spectrum analyzer instrument. When using the unique DPX™ Live RF spectrum display, you will also discover spectrum events other spectrum analyzers will miss.

Models in the RSA3000 Spectrum Analyzer Series: 



DPX™ Spectrum Display
100% Probability of Intercept (POI)
Discover signal behavior previously unseen. Improve test confidence and catch very short duration transients missed by conventional spectrum analyzers.
Frequency Mask Trigger (FMT)
100% POI
Save time by isolating signal faults and efficiently utilizing memory with a unique frequency domain trigger. Isolate hard to find hardware and software anomalies with cross domain triggering between multiple instruments.
Seamless data capture into deep memory or external recording systemObserve the entire duration of signal events, like frequency hopping sequences, PLL settling times, turn on transients, and multiple pulses.
Time-correlated data analysis with automatic domain correlation and linked markersAccelerate troubleshooting and analysis by pinpointing the root cause of problems in multiple domains.
One box multi-function design for spectrum analysis, vector signal analysis, pulse analysis, baseband analysis, signal source analysis, audio distortion analysis, and wireless standard analysisSimplify test and save test time with multiple measurements on the same captured data. Reduce cost of test with a versatile single instrument that replaces multiple test sets.


Datasheet Accessory Description
View Datasheet K420 Instrument Cart
Data Sheet Software Package / Software Option Description Configure and Quote
Opt. 21 Advanced Measurements Suite (GP Mod. Analysis, RFID, Sig. Source). Contact Account Manager
Opt. 24 GSM/EDGE Analysis. Contact Account Manager
Opt. 25 CDMA 1X Forward/Reverse Link Analysis. Contact Account Manager
Opt. 26 1X EVDO Forward/Reverse Link Analysis. Contact Account Manager
Opt. 28 TD-SCDMA Analysis. Contact Account Manager
Opt. 29 802.11a/b/g/n Analysis (RSA3408B only). Contact Account Manager
Opt. 30 3GPP Release 99 (W-CDMA) and Release 5 UL/DL (HSDPA) Analysis. Contact Account Manager
Opt. 40 Release 6 (HSUPA UL/DL) Analysis (requires Option 30). Contact Account Manager
Opt.10 (RSA3K)

Audio Distortion Analysis.

Contact Account Manager

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This seminar focuses on the Automatic Measurement - theory of operation - using Tektronix signal analysis and generation tools. This presentation starts with an overview of common tools used for the testing of radars and important measurement parameters impacting measurement results. It then focuses on the Theory of Operation for the Automatic Pulse Measurements that are available on the latest Tektronix Oscilloscopes and Spectrum Analyzer products. In conclusion it discusses the challenges and solutions for Signal Generation.

Spectrum Management Overview Webinar

In our new webinar on RF spectrum management, we discuss real-time spectrum analysis tools, and how they have become the game-changer in spectrum management. Duration: 32 minutes.

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Mesuro and Tektronix introduce a new open loop active load pull technique for the design of complex, highly efficient power amplifiers, necessary for reducing the power consumption of tomorrow’s mobile infrastructure. The method utilizing microwave sampling scope technology to simultaneously capture waveform data ranging from DC to several tens of GHz is demonstrated.

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Attend this 40 minute webinar followed by an interactive chat session with Tektronix' Chris Loberg, to review the most recent advancements in the MIPI family of interface standards. Returning from the recent MIPI Alliance meeting in June, Chris will also provide you with testing guidance on how to approach debug, verify and characterization steps using Tektronix test equipment for your MIPI-enable device designs.

EMI Diagnostics Using the RSA6100A Webinar

This webinar looks at the history of Electromagnetic Interference and regulatory compliance, and discover how the historically developed methods of measurements have limitations in today's complex signal environment. It also examines the filters, detectors and averaging methods used to make EMI measurements, with a discussion of why they are defined the way they are. Advantages and limitations of the RSA6100A implementation are also discussed. Finally, it shows the RSA6100A in a common diagnostics application and see how the new capabilities of RTSAs can be used to reduce troubleshooting time in EMC diagnostics.

RSA3408A Video: Solving Real-World Problems in Real-Time

This customer testimonial describes how the unique functionality and flexibility of the real-time spectrum analyzer is used to simplify radio transmitter testing.

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Get your FREE RTSA Fundamentals PrimerNow Available: the Fundamentals of Real-Time Spectrum Analysis Primer!

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DPX Acquisition Technology for Spectrum Analyzers FundamentalsLearn more about the power of the DPX spectrum display and how it addresses situations involving brief, intermittent, complex and/or coincident signals.

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