Our customers know Tektronix has some of the highest quality technical content in the industry. With over 20,000 items in our premium content library, it is likely you can find answers on our website to whatever questions you have. We have created this list of our most popular downloaded content exclusively for our website customers.

  1. Oscilloscope Selection Guide

    From basic signal-checking to high-performance analysis, this 12-page selection guide gives an overview of the complete range of Tektronix oscilloscopes.  Comparison tables give high-level specifications and features, and indicate the major differences between each series of oscilloscope....

  2. The Anatomy of an Oscilloscope Poster

    This poster shows many of the hundreds of parts that work together in an oscilloscope to make sure you see the real signal. It includes a block diagram of a scope's signal path, to show you what happens between the signal input and the display.

  3. TBS2000 vs. Rigol DS2000A

    A comparison fact sheet of the TBS2000 vs. the Rigol DS2000A Oscilloscopes 

  4. Oscilloscope Measurement Lab: Measuring Impedance and Capacitance

    This lab exercise demonstrates a technique for using an oscilloscope and function generator to measure impedance and capacitance. Voltage waveforms are measured on the oscilloscope and the measurements are used to calculate an unknown capacitance.

  5. Low-cost EMI Pre-compliance Testing Using a Spectrum Analyzer

    Few engineers have unrestricted access to a calibrated EMI receiver and EMC test facility.  Yet, performing cost-effective, basic EMI tests can save both time and money by identifying significant issues before you send your design to an EMI compliance lab. This application note describes how...

  6. FOUR KEY TESTS: Validating MOSFET Performance in Power Supply Designs

    If you need to evaluate MOSFET devices, download our poster to learn the test specification and technique, test configuration and the typical results for the four key MOSFET tests. Download the poster to learn about these four key tests: Drain Family of Curves Threshold Voltage Gate Leakage...

  7. Debugging Serial Buses in Embedded System Designs

    Learn the basics of the hardware protocols of the most common serial buses, such as I2C, SPI , USB, RS-232/422/485/UART, CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet, and I2S/LJ/RJ/TDM.  Find out how to use the protocol trigger, decode and search capabilities of oscilloscopes to solve serial bus...


    This MOI specifies the testing procedures for USB 3.1 Transmitter Tests (Gen 1 and Gen 2) using Tektronix DPOJET and Tektronix Oscilloscopes.

  9. Finding, Classifying and Analyzing Interfering Signals

    A step by step guide for H500/SA2500 users to perform 6 common applications related to Interference Hunting.