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Our customers know Tektronix has some of the highest quality technical content in the industry. With over 20,000 items in our premium content library, it is likely you can find answers on our website to whatever questions you have. We have created this list of our most popular downloaded content exclusively for our website customers.

  1. Spectral Analysis And Time-Domain Measurements Join Forces To Solve Troubleshooting Problems

    The TBS1000B and TBS1000B-EDU Series Oscilloscopes offers built-in Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) spectral analysis. With this new capability, users gain a powerful, integrated tool that provides a new perspective for troubleshooting and verification work. In this application note, learn how FFT...

  2. XYZs of Oscilloscopes Primer

    After reading this primer, you will be able to:Describe how oscilloscopes workDescribe the differences between analog, digital storage, digital phosphor, and digital sampling oscilloscopesDescribe electrical waveform typesUnderstand basic oscilloscope controlsTake simple measurementsThe glossary in...

  3. Capacitance and Inductance Measurements Using an Oscilloscope and a Function Generator

    If you don't have an LCR meter in your lab, or you want to demonstrate the behavior of capacitors and inductors under sinusoidal stimulus, an oscilloscope and a function generator can help you to do a simple, transparent impedance measurement. You can expect capacitance and inductance values with 3...

  4. Anatomy of an Eye Diagram

    This application note discusses different ways that information from an eye diagram can be sliced to gain more insight. It also discusses some basic ways that transmitters, channels, and receivers are tested.

  5. Debugging Serial Buses in Embedded System Designs

    Find out how the protocol trigger, decode and search capabilities of the popular MSO and DPO Series oscilloscopes solve serial bus integration and debug challenges of many buses such as I2C, SPI , USB, RS-232/422/485/UART, CAN, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet, and I2S/LJ/RJ/TDM.

  6. The Oscilloscope: Basic Features & Functions Poster

    This poster provides basic features and functions of the oscilloscope including tips for capturing your signal and advanced triggering. Easy to print on 11x17 paper for an ideal reference to post in your lab, office or anywhere you use your oscilloscope.

  7. Oscilloscope Measurement Lab: Measuring Impedance and Capacitance

    This lab exercise demonstrates a technique for using an oscilloscope and function generator to measure impedance and capacitance. Voltage waveforms are measured on the oscilloscope and the measurements are used to calculate an unknown capacitance.

  8. Fundamentals of AC Power Measurements

    This application note will introduce the basic concepts of power measurements and clarify the definitions of key terms such as: Root mean square Real power Apparent power Power factor Crest factor Harmonic Distortion

  9. Tektronix Oscilloscope Accessories Selection Guide

    Tektronix oscilloscope probes and accessories allow you to adapt your oscilloscope to your specific application needs and environment.

  10. TDR Impedance Measurements: A Foundation for Signal Integrity

    Achieve stable and accurate TDR results with Tektronix sampling oscilloscopes.At today’s high operating frequencies, anything that affects your signal’s rise time, pulse width, timing, jitter or noise content can impact reliability at the system level. Mismatches and variations can cause...

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