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How do I set up a CAN bus decode?

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How do I set up a CAN bus decode?

Ответ :

Depending on what scope you have will depend on what options are availiable for decoding your CAN signal. For all the DPO/MSO2000/3000/4000/5000 and MDO3000/4000 Series scopes there are modules or license keys that can be purchased. Once you have one, insert the module into the scope and turn it on. You will have to get your signal to display on screen and then turn on the Bus option. The main parts to setup are the correct scope channels and the threashold levels. Your signal should begin to decode at this point. Select your bit rate and you should be alsmost done. The following video will walk through all the features and functionalities on these scopes for CAN decoding and triggering. 

On Windows XP, Windows 7 oscilloscopes there are BUS decodes and software options that can be found on the the scopes corresponding datasheet pages. 

If you have more questions please contact one of our Technical Support Centers and an Application Engineer will quickly answer your questions. 

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