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Wind turbines for high-power producing components and devices

Power Efficiency and Reliability

Accelerating the creation of green, clean renewable, efficient and high-power producing components, and devices.

We live in a changing world where the management of limited energy resources has become more critical. Advances in wide bandgap semiconductor technology like Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) are enabling the development of a clean, renewable, and reliable energy ecosystem while creating new challenges for engineers. Engineers count on Tektronix exists to provide the measurement solutions to address today’s electrified ecosystem challenges and those to come. 

Explore Solutions for SiC and GaN for R&D and Validation

Wide bandgap semiconductor materials research

Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Materials Research

WBG materials are at the heart of the continued challenge to improve the performance of SiC and GaN for faster switching speeds, higher power density, high temperature operation, reliability, size, and cost.
4200A-SCS for characterizing wide bandgap semiconductors

Characterizing Wide Bandgap Devices

Precision voltage and current measurements are needed to understand a SiC or GaN device’s fundamental properties and electrical performance.
iv characterization

I-V Characterization

I-V characterization is the process of measuring the current-voltage relationship of electronic devices. It's crucial for device testing and optimization and for developing wide bandgap semiconductors. 
AFG31000 for double pulse testing

Double Pulse Testing

Double pulse testing is the standard method for measuring the switching parameters of MOSFETs or IGBT power devices. Historically this has been a time consuming process to set up the double pulse test since function generators do not have a built-in way to configure and set up the test.
wide bandgap devices

Validating Wide Bandgap Devices

Designing new SiC and GaN devices requires a great deal of testing, both during design and production phases in order to drive process improvements, improve yields, and lower cost. Testing WBG power devices requires better resolution, higher power, and faster speeds compared to traditional silicon.