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Differential Passive Voltage Probe Pair


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Features & Benefits

  • Attenuation Adjustable to 10X
  • 10,000: 1 CMRR on 11A33 Differential Comparator; 20,000: 1 on 7A13 Differential Amplifier
  • ±500 V Maximum Common Mode Voltage
  • Matched Pair


  • Power Supplies
  • Disk Drives
  • Electronic Ballast
  • Intelligent Motion
  • Adjustable Speed Drives

P6135A Differential Probe Pair

The P6135A differential probe pair is very carefully matched to minimize differences in impedance and signal delay.

With differential amplifiers the P6135A provides CMRR ratios up to 20,000:1. Since a single 10X probe with accuracy of 1% or less gives a scope-to-probe CMRR of no better than 50:1, the P6135A is essential to obtain accurate results from your differential amplifier. Three pairs of carefully matched, precision-engineered hybrid tips enable the P6135A to be specifically matched with all Tektronix 11000, 7000 and 5000 Series differential amplifiers and comparators. It also provides excellent performance when used with plug-in amplifiers or oscilloscopes having input impedances of 1 MΩ/13-15 pF, 1 MΩ/18-22 pF and 1 MΩ/45-49 pF.



On 11A33: 10,000:1 from DC to 1 kHz, derating to 100:1 at 20 MHz.

On 7000 Series: 20,000:1 from DC to 1 kHz derating to 100:1 at 20 MHz.


Attenuation - Adjustable to 10X.

Input Resistance - 1 MΩ.

Input Capacitance - 10.5 pF on instrument with 15 pF input capacitance; 11.0 pF when used with instrument that has 20 pF input capacitance; 13.7 pF when used with instrument that has 47 pF input capacitance.

Maximum Useful Bandwidth -

On 11A33: DC to 150 MHz.

On 7A13: DC >90 MHz.


Typical Probe Rise Time -

On 11A33: <2.33 ns.

On 7A13: <3.89 ns.


Maximum Common Mode Voltage - 500 V (DC + pk AC) from DC to 1.3 MHz, derated to 50 V (DC + pk AC) at 100 MHz.

Safety - UL 1244.

Ordering Information


Pair of 10X, 150 MHz Differential Probes.

Includes: Adjustment tool (003-1433-00); two retractable hook tips (013-0107-07); 6 in. dual-ring ground lead (196-3295-00); accessory pouch (016-0708-00); two 6 in. ground leads (196-3113-02); two 6 in. ground leads with alligator clips (196-3305-00); two SMT KlipChip™ Adapters (206-0364-00); two low inductance GND collars (343-1003-01); two probe tip holders (352-0670-00); 2 in. ground leads (195-4240-00); cable marker rings; instruction manual (070-7675-01).

Recommended Accessories

See 3.5 mm Probe Accessories probe system.