Frequency Counters and Timers

Feature-rich Tools for Precision Measurements

The Tektronix FCA and MCA Series frequency counter / timer / analyzer packs the functionality of a frequency counter, frequency meter and timer into one feature-rich instrument. With unprecedented resolution, you can capture very small frequency and time changes. Tektronix frequency counters and timers offer the industry's most comprehensive analysis modes, including measurement statistics, histograms, and trend plots, you have the tools you need to quickly and accurately analyze your signal.

Freqency Counters
Product Series Max Frequency Time Resolution Frequency Resolution Channels Starting Price
FCA3120 Front View with Feet
300 MHz - 20 GHz 50 ps - 100 ps 12 digit 2 - 3 US$2,310

27 GHz - 40 GHz 100 ps 12 digit 3 US$9,300

Continuous Measurements with Zero Deadtime How-to Guide

This How-to Guide focuses on continuous measurement for the FCA3100 Series

Measurement Statistics, Histograms and Trend Plot Analysis Modes

Being able to observe signal integrity, jitter or even drift issues in frequency measurements is a critical component of testing. In this 6-page application note, learn how the integrated Statistics, Histogram and Trend Plot modes in Tektronix FCA and MCA Series Timer/Counter Analyzers simplify the calculation of measurement statistics when analyzing a device.

Time and Frequency Measurements for Oscillator Manufacturers

Engineers must perform a wide range of tasks to characterize an oscillator design. This application note explores techniques and tips for using the Tektronix FCA3000/3100 Series Timer/Counter/Analyzers for fast, accurate measurements of precision oscillators in both design and production environments.

Compatibility Mode For FCA3000, FCA3100 and MCA3000 Series How-to Guide

This How-to Guide describes how to make a seamless drop-in replacement when using the unique "compatibility mode" of the FCA/MCA Series.

Frequency Counters and Timers Related Information

Testing an Oscillator: Easy with NEW Timer Counters

This Application Note explores techniques and tips for using the FCA3000/3100 for fast, accurate measurements of precision oscillators in both design and production environments.

Take a closer look. See the Frequency Counter virtual demo.

FCA3120 Front ViewFeature-rich Tools for Precision Measurements

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