Did you know that most projects fail EMI/EMC testing the first time? Avoid delays in your schedule and  save money by catching compliance problems early. When you perform Pre-compliance testing in your lab you greatly improve the probability of a successful first pass of full EMI compliance testing.

The video and technical document below show you how you can perform pre-compliance checks with cost-effective tools from Tektronix.


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Practical Approach to EMI Diagnositcs

Practical Approach to EMI Diagnostics
This webinar conveys practical EMI theory that will help you to approach your EMI testing more successfully. 


Recommended Equipment


The RSA Series spectrum analyzers measure and test EMI signals at a fraction of the price of a benchtop spectrum analyzer.

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MDO3000 Series

The MDO3000 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope features six integrated instruments, including a spectrum analyzer, function generator and more, giving you the ability to capture EMI signals, as well as correlated digital and analog signals with one scope.

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MDO4000 Series

MDO4000C Mixed Domain OscilloscopeThe oscilloscope that includes a logic analyzer, spectrum analyzer and protocol analyzer – all synchronized for an integrated view. Use powerful trigger, search and analysis tools to zero in on EMI signals and correlated analog, digital and RF anomalies.

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Use the one user interface for RF and Vector Signal Analysis for all Tek RF products.  SVPC comes free with 17 measurements and is instantly upgradable with options simplifiying  Bluetooth measurements and troubleshooting.

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