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Which GPIB card should I use?

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Which GPIB card should I use?

Ответ :

The TDS Field Adjustment Software works best with a National Instrument PC2A card. Customers who have used PC2 cards, or who configured their PC2/2A card to PC2, have reported problems. This software has not been evaluated, nor is it supported if other types of GPIB cards are used.

Other suggestions:
If you are having communication problems, use the steps below to set up the software for both GPIB0 and GPIB1. This example uses the TDS500.ADJ directory. The instructions below work for all TDS Field Adjustment Software.

  1. C:\ cd TDS500.adj
  2. C:\ edit adj500.bat
  3. Move down to the SET GPIB line.
  4. Add a second identical line below the SET GPIB line. For example, if the line reads:
    SET GPIB0=PC2A 0 0 0
    Add the identical text to the next line:
    SET GPIB1=PC2A 0 0 0
    NOTE: Both lines must be identical, and they must be in capital letters.
  5. Save the changes and exit the edit program.

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