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Where can I get the WFM601 (not A+ E+ M or i) calibration software?

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Where can I get the WFM601 (not A+ E+ M or i) calibration software?

Ответ :

Click the link below to download the WFM601 calibration software which normally comes on a floppy disk bundled with the service manual for these instruments. Once downloaded, unzip this archive and copy the contents of it to a floppy disk. Then run the CAL.EXE program from that floppy disk on a PC running DOS. From here the software and the WFM601 service manual should walk you through the necessary steps for calibrating your instrument.

NOTE: This software is intended for WFM601's that do not have any letters at the end of their model numbers. The WFM601A, E, M and i models use different calibration software.

NOTE: You will need to run this software on a PC that is running true MS-DOS. Simply running the software in a DOS command windows within Windows will not work because the tool needs access to hardware ports which are protected under Windows operating systems.

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