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Sweep: What is the Source Memory feature?

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Sweep: What is the Source Memory feature?

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The Source Memory feature distinguishes the SourceMeter product line from all other types of rack-and-stack instrumentation. All SourceMeter products have the built-in ability to sequence through a pre-defined test sequence automatically. The user programs (either via the front panel or the bus) a test sequence in the instrument's memory. Up to 100 memory locations are available for storing instrument configurations. Once configured, one command tells the instrument to begin the testing sequence; once the sequence is complete, the instrument sends the result string back to the computer (or stores it for viewing via the front panel). The power of this feature is that the SourceMeter instrument is only programmed once, then only a few steps are required to run the test sequence over and over again. For more information, refer to the Source Memory description.

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