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How do I set up a USB bus decode?

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How do I set up a USB bus decode?

Ответ :

First you must have the USB module or option key that enables USB decoding for your scope as well as proper probes. For help finding the right probe use our probe selector tool. When you go into the bus option you must select USB and then make sure you select the right input channel and decode speed. Setting the correct threshold level is next since USB has a high and low level. 

A helpful part of doing USB decode is triggering. Normally you would trigger on an edge, but with the USB decode option you can set the scope to trigger on USB specific packets such as SYNC, DATA, EOF, SOF, ect. Watch this short video to see a demonstration of how to setup USB 2.0 decode on a MSO4000B series oscilloscope. A similar approach can be used for windows scopes. 

If you have questions please contact one of our Technical Support Centers and an Application Engineer will walk you through the procedure. 


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