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How do I set up a RS232 bus decode?

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How do I set up a RS232 bus decode?

Ответ :

The procedure to set up a RS232 bus decode and trigger is simple once you understand the basics. First you need to have the correct module or scope option. Second make sure your signal is on screen and taking up as much of the screen as possible with good resolution, this will require having proper probes and knowledge about your signal. Turn on the bus option, and start by setting the channel and threashold levels. Once this is done you will begin to see your signal decode. Next adjust some of the small things such as bit rate and how you want to have the bus displayed such as Hex or binary or ASCII. 

If you trying to decode on a Windows XP or Windows 7 scope the options will be different and more information can be found on their corresponding datasheet pages. Many of the concepts of decoding and triggering on a bus signal are the same same and can be applied from the lower end oscilloscopes. 

If you still have questions, please connect with our Technical Support Center and they'll get all your questions answered. Press the "Contact Us" button on the right of the screen to get started. 

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