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How do I put a logo on the SPG300/600 output?

Вопрос :

How do I put a logo on the SPG300/600 output?

Ответ :

Before any graphic can be displayed on an SPG it must be converted from a bitmap image to a logo file. This can be done by the SPG logo generator software which comes with the instrument.

To load a logo into the SPG300 or 600, simply log into the instrument's remote user interface over an Ethernet network. This can be done by typing the instrument’s IP address into any web browser. From the remote user interface, choose the "File Transfer" tab and use the "PC to SPG" button to upload  a logo file. Then go to the "Overlay - Analog" or the "Overlay - SDI" tab and choose the file to overlay. Once you have selected the logo file to display, click the apply button to save your changes.

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