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How do I mount a network drive on my MDO3000 or MDO4000C oscilloscope?

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How do I mount a network drive on my MDO3000 or MDO4000C oscilloscope?

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This procedure also applies to the DPO/MSO/MDO4000/4000B series oscilloscopes. 

Note: This Mount a network drive will not work with a direct (peer-to-peer) connection. Must go through your local DNS server.

To begin, press the “Menu” button in the Save/Recall section on the bottom of the scope. Select the “File Utilities” button, which will pop up an entire new window with a new menu on the right side of the screen. On this new menu select the “More” button and then select the “Mount” button. This will bring up another new window.

In the “Server Name or IP Address” field, enter your computer’s IP address. In the “Path” field, enter the path of the drive or folder you want to mount using C$\ instead of C:\. Then you may have to enter the username and password you use to access your computer.

Then press “OK Accept” and it should bring you to back to the “File Utilities” menu and show the drive or folder you mounted. You can navigate either with the keyboard or the multipurpose knob A on the oscilloscope.

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