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How do I install my KPCI-488 card?

Вопрос :

How do I install my KPCI-488 card?

Ответ :

Steps to install a KPCI-488 card:

1. Run the setup.exe on the driver diskette. This will install and register several system files on the target machine. It will also place an inf file on your system that Windows will use when it detects the KPCI-488 card.

2. Power down and install the KPCI-488 card into a PCI slot.

3. Boot up. Windows will detect the card, find the inf file, and load the driver.

4. connect a GPIB cable to an instrument

5. use the TRTest.exe utility (\Program Files\CEC488\) to verify communication with the instrument. A simple *IDN? with the send and enter commands is a good test.


One possible complication:

In Windows 2000 or WinXP, if your KPCI-488 shows up in Device Manager, but has an error code which indicates that 'no resources are in use', then a simple change in the BIOS will resolve the matter. The BIOS setting for 'Plug-and-Play Aware OS' should be set to NO. This setting will allow the PnP BIOS and motherboard chipset hardware to assign hardware resources to cards such as the KPCI-488. Windows 2000 or WinXP will then make use of these assigned resources.



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