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How do I find the IP address for a 2450-NFP (no front panel)?

Вопрос :

How do I find the IP address for a 2450-NFP (no front panel)?

Ответ :

Your TCP/IP v4 settings should be set to obtain an IP address and DSN server dynamically (obtain address automatically). Connect a standard CAT 5 cable (not the yellow Cat 5 crossover cable) to between the computer and 2450. Do not connect to a hub or router when you do this. Be sure you are connecting to the Ethernet port, not the TSP link ports.

Open the Command Prompt (found in the Accessories), type ipconfig.

Look for the Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection and the address assigned to the TCP/IP v4 listing for the Local Area Connection. i.e.

From the Command Prompt, type arp -a

There will be a list of addresses that will be returned. The display should indicate an IP address that shares the first two numbers as your computer's Ethernet adapter local area connection.


Under the Type heading, the address type should show as dynamic. You can then go to your web browser by typing in that IP address. If the address is correct, you should get the 2450 web page for the instrument.

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