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How do I export MTS4EA fidelity analysis data?

Вопрос :

How do I export MTS4EA fidelity analysis data?

Ответ :

The MTS4EA fidelity analysis data can be saved as a trace file. To do this, simply enable the fidelity analysis as usual and then select "Trace Enable..." from the "Analysis" menu. This will bring up the trace options screen. From this screen, enable either "VOP Fidelity" to output frame fidelity measurements (similar to those plotted on the fidelity graph) or select "MB Fidelity" to output individual macro block fidelity measurements or select both to output both sets of values. You will also need to specify the output file location and set a reasonable maximum file size. With these options enabled, run the video through till the end to generate the trace file. Once complete, this trace file will contain all the fidelity values you requested in a tabular form. This file is not by nature a CSV file but could very easy be converted into one with a series of search-and-replace commands from any text editor. Once converted to a CSV format you could import the data into your favorite spreadsheet program.

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