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How do I connect my TDS3000B series oscilloscope to my LAN?

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How do I connect my TDS3000B series oscilloscope to my LAN?

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The Ethernet port is located on the rear panel of the scope in the upper left rear corner. Connect the TDS3000B series to a Ethernet port or to a hub with an Ethernet cable and power the scope up. When the scope completes it's bootup, Press the UTILITY button, now from the menu below the scope display toggle the System and highlight I/O, now select Ethernet Network Settings. From the vertical menu on the right side of the display select DHCP/BOOTP to ON.. The scope will use DHCP to automatically receive an IP address from the LAN. If the LAN does not support DHCP request your network administrator  to assign a static IP and subnet mask addresses. To enter the static IP and subnet mask addresses select Change Instrument Settings from the same vertical menu and enter the addresses on the appropriate lines. Use the up and down arrows on the right side of the display to navigate to the specific line of interest. Use the  side to side arrows on the bottom of the display for specific character location on the line and use the general purpose knob to select the specific characters.  When done press OK Accept.

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