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How do I change the WFM5000 Vector Gain without also changing the vector graticule gain?

Вопрос :

How do I change the WFM5000 Vector Gain without also changing the vector graticule gain?

Ответ :

There are two basic "zoom" modes for the WVR5000 Vector Display, each with some underlying configuration options.

First  --  You can zoom, or magnify, the overall display quickly, by simply pressing the GAIN button while in the Vector Mode.  This will magnify the entire display content (waveform and graticule targets, but not general purpose readouts), to 1x, 2x or 5x.

Second  --  With an optional configuration selection, you can zoom/magnify only the vector waveform in a continuously variable manner, using the general purpose knob on the upper left front  panel.  The vector graticule targets will remain stationary.

Configuring the zoom (or GAIN) features is simple.  Press and hold the GAIN button for a second or two - until a new menu pops up on the bottom left of the display.  This menu will contain two optional settings.   Use the left-right-up-down arrow keys to navigate this menu.

The top selection is " VAR Gain".  If VAR Gain is set to "Enable", you will have the second option (above) available.  When you dismiss this configuration menu, you will see a small readout in the lower left corner that reports the Gain factor, with a small icon indicating that the general purpose knob is available for this function. 

The bottom selection is GAIN Settings.  This menu option allows you to select the gain amount (1x, 2x, 5x) that will be used in the first case noted above.  The lower left gain factor readout (menu dismissed) will report 1x or 2x or 5x when the GAIN button is pressed.

This configuration menu is dismissed by simply pressing the GAIN button again until the menu disappears.

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