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How do I change the IP address of an MTM400?

Вопрос :

How do I change the IP address of an MTM400?

Ответ :

If you know the current IP address of the instrument, connect to it using Internet Explorer; once the page has loaded, click the "Device" button in the small window to bring up the device window. In the device window, click "Config" and then click "Network Settings" to bring up the network configuration window. In this window you will be able to configure all network settings including the instruments IP address. Be sure to press the "Set" button next to the IP address once you have changed it to save the settings.

If you do not know the current IP address, the process to change it is a little more complicated and involves resetting the instrument's non-volatile memory and remotely assigning it an IP address. This procedure is outlined in appendix A of the MTM400 user manual as well as our FAQ page at the following link:

FAQ 3185

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